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It’s not even the end of October, and already I feel like I’m finally almost coming out of a huge whirlwind of everything that has happened so far this month. What with planning a huge event for La Fondue Tokyo during Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO last week on top of all my other work, plus my brother visiting from LA for a week, I know I could have easily experienced burnout. But somehow, I manage to barely escape that while knowing I sometimes take on too many jobs and put too much on my plate at once. A question I frequently ask myself is, “When is ‘too much’ too much?”

まだ10月は終わってないのに、ここ最近たくさんの出来事があったため、1ヶ月があっという間に過ぎ去った感覚です。先週の東京ファッションウィーク中に大きなイベントの主催を務めたり、それ以外にも普段のお仕事やイベント参加、そしてロサンゼルスから弟も来日していたのが重なっていたので、バーンアウトしても全然おかしくなかった状態が数週間続きました。幸いなことにそれはなかったのですが、やはり自分の仕事量やスケジュールはtoo muchすぎるんじゃないのか?と思うようになりました。「Too much」は、どの時点でtoo muchになるのか?

When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?

When is “too much” too much?

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, balancing a 9-5 office job during the week and doing all other work “after work” and weekends makes it easy to fall trap to extreme fatigue and burnout. I was recently talking to a friend about the difficulty of balancing all my jobs and how I felt like I was doing too much at the moment. He noted that it might not be a good idea for me to do so many different things, meaning that maybe I shouldn’t take on so many jobs. In a sense, I agree. I work a PR job five days a week, I model, I blog, I DJ, I do freelance PR and event planning, I translate, and I frequently attend events. Apart from these things, I find time to see my friends and family (at the very least talk to them on the phone) and hit the gym to maintain my overall health. And sleep. But you know what? I need all of the above in my life right now and I love everything that I’m doing. I had to ask myself, “Do I really need to give something up?” but my firm answer was “No.”


When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?

A healthy balance is key

Even though I sometimes feel anxiety when I have to juggle multiple things, I know for a fact that 1) it won’t help my case and 2) a calm, clear mind with a plan will get me through most situations. The basics like staying organized, writing everything down in a notebook or planner (or even on the notes app on your phone) really goes a long way. I will definitely prioritize certain work over others from time to time to maintain the balance. Also, sleep and rest are your best friends. One thing I’ve done all my life is to always choose sleep over all-nighters. Crazy, I know, but seriously, ever since high school and college, I made sure to start projects ahead of time and if I get sleepy, I just slept. I still got passing grades and have done fairly well with most of my work so far.

Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough. - Unknown Click To Tweet



When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?When is "Too Much" Too Much?

Live in the “NOW”

Finally, one of the biggest pros of doing all the things I love at once is that it’s harder to look back into the past or into the future. You know that feeling when you have too much time on your hands and your mind starts wandering to the past and also to the too-distant future? The thing I’m most thankful for is that I’m too busy to do that anymore. I can maintain my focus on the “now,” which allows me to live in the moment and do the best I can do now than worry about the future. The future is going to arrive – why not do all that you could possibly do now to achieve better results later?

Take it day by day, don't stress too much about tomorrow. - Anonymous Click To Tweet


What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your workload or schedule? Let me know in the comments!


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This! Your post definitely gave me the motivation I need to keep going! I feel that we should do what we have to do until we are able to do what we want to do. Yes rest is needed, and we should take it. But we got to keep our hustle going if we want to succeed. Dope post and outfit Sam!


Wow, you definitely have a lot on your plate…but I think it is so great that you have so much passion in all that you do! Also I’m loving your outfit…it is so stylish!


This is so amazing and I’m glad you shared this because I think it’s important to assess your life and check in what how you’re feeling. As long as you think you are able to manage it all then I think you should be fine 🙂


You’re doing so much and nobody can tell you to do less if all of those things make you happy! If of course you’re stressed and not enjoying an aspect of your work then it’s good to change, but if you’re happy – go for it! Though do take it easy. Our bodies and minds are so strong, but we must give them a rest too!

Tatyana x


This was definitely a motivational post! You have so much going on right now and so much on your plate but you are continuing to push through, thank you for sharing and keep up the hard work!

~xo Sheree


This is such a great reminder and your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I admire you for being able to juggle so much at once! These days I’ve been feeling more overwhelmed than usual by the things in life but like you said, I just need to tackle today and not worry too much about tomorrow. 🙂


I definitely agree!! Life can be so stressful and busy. Sometimes I just want to escape from the routine and book a trip with an unknown destination. It’s hard to keep up with everything. I loved the quotes that you add to the post. Great read btw.



I agree darling. You’re super busy. Now maybe you can because do t have children’s etc. bBit I understand sometimes when need to say no or it’s enough. Anyway the best thing you can do to sleep well. This is very important.


You’re such a boss! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the list of things I have to do, but always good to be wanted and demanded for, and also do what you love than to do something you don’t enjoy, right? 🙂 So awesome how much you take on, and you’re right, finding balance is key. I’m still trying to work that out. Have a great week, Samantha!



I can SO relate to this post, Samantha. I just started a new desk job today and know I have quite an adjustment period ahead of me balancing it along with an ever-growing blog. It can be so hard to avoid burnout when you are going, going, going. I am trying, like you suggested, to go easy on myself and understand that I can’t do it all and THAT’S OKAY.


Beautifully written dear. Love the quote. Also, your shots are amazing!

Jessica |


Oh I hear you. I too work a full-time 9-5 job in publishing and maintain a blog and a You Tube channel and no Instagram Husband I do it all myself. Funny I spoke about this on my Paris vlog. But this past season I heard a lot of bloggers complain they are burnt out on FW but to me it is kind of like why do you go?? You are right if you are truly motivated by something and the desire to create then you do it burn or no burn out. If you just want your picture taken well then…

And on that note you look GREAT in these pictures! And keep doing what your doing!

Allie of

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