How to wear an oversized hoodie – Part II

How to wear an oversized hoodie, part II with a feminine twist. “What?!” you say. “How can you possibly wear anything oversized and unstructured with no womanly silhouette into something close to feminine?” And I say, you can with a few tips and tricks. オーバーサイズのフードプルオーバーの着方、パート2をお届けします。今回は、女性らしい着こなし方、です。「え?!女性らしさのカケラもないアイテムをどうやって女性らしく着るの??」と思う方もいるかもしれませんが、ちょっとしたアドバイスでそれが可能になるのです。 In my last post, I introduced the boyish, casual way … Continue Reading

In the backstreets of LA

I’m back from my slight blogging hiatus, and I’m ready to get back into the game. In my last post, I mentioned that I was visiting my hometown in California, and also traveling to New York and Texas, all in just 12 days. To be completely honest, it was not enough time at all to … Continue Reading

Mixing the old with the new

You can never go wrong with an oversized, ankle-length cardigan. While there are many ways to style one, this time I opted for simple, yet quality pieces in my wardrobe. My favorite Rag & Bone tee, a pleather skirt, my mom’s old LV purse, a silver bangle with a leather wrap-around from Spanish jewelry brand … Continue Reading

Okami Kult in Shibuya

What better location than Shibuya, Tokyo to shoot some street style. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Viktor is the creative mind behind the Tokyo street wear brand Okami Kult. This time I styled one of his logo T-shirts my way with some of my favorite accessories and street-inspired pieces in my closet. And the … Continue Reading

Street stylin’

Street style photography in Omotesando, photos by 36 Neex  


Japanese lesson: 興味ない (Kyoumi  nai) means NOT INTERESTED. This Salz-Tokyo T-shirt says it all. Also available in beanie and sweatshirt form. T-shirt: Salz-Tokyo, beanie: Salz-Tokyo, jacket: Forever 21, pants: Le Ciel Bleu, shoes: Adidas, clutch: GUM via Farfetch All photos by Viktor Farkas

OUTFIT | Casual black & minimal white

Tokyo can get immensely humid around this time of year, but thankfully, it’s cooling down a bit because of the rainy season. Instead of layering with outerwear, I wanted to keep my outfit simple with a graphic sweater and some bermuda shorts, both from Forever 21. I’ve been shopping at Forever 21 a lot these … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Leather & Corduroy

I’m finally back from Okinawa, after 4 full days at the Satsang Yoga & Music Festival. I did bring my laptop with me so I could respond to comments and organize photos, but there just wasn’t as much time as I had hoped. I’ll be posting more about my trip very soon! Meanwhile, here is … Continue Reading

Shinokubo street style

I feel like Sundays are meant to be dressed down, which is why I grabbed the most comfortable pieces in my closet. I finally spent some quality time with my good friend Arisa in Shinokubo. We stuffed ourselves with delicious Korean BBQ and hottoku, and chatted away for 3 hours straight. Love you girl! Hope everyone … Continue Reading

Busy streets of Shibuya

I had another fun shoot with Lisa this weekend in Shibuya. This alma mater jacket from my work is from Spring/Summer, but I paired it with some more recent Zara picks and my Converse hightops that I’ve owned since my university days.  Funny how they come in handy, like, 2 years later. I don’t know if … Continue Reading