About Samantha Mariko

My name is Samantha Mariko, a model, blogger and DJ from Orange County, California, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. After living in Cali for most of my life, I made the bold decision to move to Tokyo 5 years ago with the intention of starting my modeling career and have been here since. I’m currently a contributor for Cosmopolitan Japan, and also the narrator for NHK World’s Kawaii International. Represented by DIVINE Models Japan.

カリフォルニア州、オレンジカウンティー出身のモデル、ブロガー、DJです。モデルキャリアをスタートするために、5年前にカリフォルニアから日本へ移住しました。現在、コスモポリタンジャパンのライター、NHK World Kawaii Internationalのナレーター、そしてNHK-FMゆうがたパラダイスのゲストMCも勤めてます。DIVINE Models Japan所属。

5 fun facts about me to get to know me better:

  1. I was not always a “fashionista,” and I didn’t always care about how I presented myself. ずっとお洒落してたわけではなく、再従姉妹に初めて眉毛を整えてもらった以来、お洒落人生が大きく変わりました。This all changed when my mom’s cousin, whom I look up to as my older sister, told me to lie my head down on her lap as she plucked my then-bushy eyebrows to perfection. I was 13 years old at the time. From that day forward, I started wearing makeup, put in more thought and consideration in how I dressed, and of course, continued to maintain my eyebrows. She literally changed my life.
  2. I’m half-Japanese, half-Caucasian. 日本人とアメリカ人のハーフです。Even though my dad used to say, “You are not half anything, you’re a whole person,” I still consider myself as being half-Japanese & half-Caucasian since my mom is Japanese and my dad is an American of Anglo-Saxon descent. It’s just easier that way.
  3. I have a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from UCLAカリフォルニア大学ロサンゼルス校でピアノ科を専攻し、文学士号を取得してます。Yes, I used to play my Beethoven Sonatas and Chopin Etudes, but Scriabin was my favorite.
  4. I love reading. 読書が大好きです。More than I love watching movies. If I could afford it, I would stay at home and read all day. But if I had to choose a favorite movie, I would choose Pride and Prejudice (2004) hands down. I’ve watched it too many times to count.
  5. Moving to Japan was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 日本に来る決断は一生後悔しません。Moving to a completely different country alone and immersing myself in a different culture than the one I grew up in has helped me grow significantly as a person and see the world in a much broader perspective.

About the blog

I started this blog in late 2011 while I was attending UCLA as merely a hobby. Since then grown into a precious space where I can share my creativity and topics that interest me.


Mission Statement 【ミッション】

To offer practical, yet inspirational styling, beauty, travel and growth advice to young individuals in an effort to promote self-expression, empowerment and overall well-being.


Vision Statement 【ヴィジョン】

To be the premiere source for the unique “LA-meets-Tokyo” style to young audiences around the world, in addition to providing best-in-class editorials on Tokyo life and the latest in various trends.