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And it’s already been 3 months since my trip to LA and here is a long overdue post (oops). I still remember the flurry of events after picking up my friend Yuri Nakagawa from LAX like it was yesterday. Our meetup in LA was not planned at all – it was a coincidence how our trips overlapped like they did when we went to Paris last summer. Meant to be? Maybe. Check out more photos from our awesome shoot with 36neex and more about our too-short weekend in LA.

そして、ロサンゼルスへ行ってからもう既に3ヶ月が経とうとしている。時間が経つのって、なんでこんなに早いんだろう?友達の友里ちゃんをLAXから迎えに行って、その後の出来事も昨日のようにはっきり覚えてる。ロスで会うことは全然計画的ではなく、パリでリンクアップしたときと同じようにたまたま起こったこと。何かの縁があるのかも?Maybe. この記事の写真もロスにいるときに撮ったもので、とってもお気に入りです?

A Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri Nakagawa

Who is Yuri Nakagawa?

Yuri is a fashion icon from Tokyo, Japan, known for always dressing outside of the box. She is a fashion blogger, designer, MC, DJ, PR and model, and is also featured in many fashion snap magazines during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, Seoul Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week for her unique fashion sense. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since seeing her at fashion events in Tokyo, and before I knew it, we gradually became friends, having traveled to Paris last year and now LA this year. She might seem a bit intimidating at first glance, but she has a cute, quirky sense of humor and exudes so much energy wherever she goes.


A Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri NakagawaA Weekend in LA with Yuri Nakagawa

An LA weekend with Yuri

That weekend was spent driving around some popular spots in LA, including Melrose, Third Street Promenade, the OWSLA pop-up (per Yuri’s request), a walk to Disney Hall (since she was staying at an Airbnb that was walking distance and we had some time to kill), and a Sunday blogger brunch in the Arts District. And of course, one of the coolest photo shoots I’ve done with her and 36neex. Some cute swimwear and a film camera can be all you need to create some epic shots.  Even though the three days in LA were fleeting, I have a feeling we’ll find ourselves together outside of Japan again very soon.

2人がロスにいる3日間、ロスの人気スポット巡りをしました。メルローズ、サンタ・モニカ、OWSLAポップアップ、ディズニーホール、Arts Districtでのサンデーブロガーブランチなど、短い間に結構廻りました。そしてもちろん、ナイトプールでの超かっこいい撮影もね!友里ちゃんが泊まっていたAirbnbにアウトドアプールがあったので、カメラマンの友達36neexを呼んで、可愛い水着を来てフィルム撮影会をしました。東京だとなかなか出来ないような作品を撮れたのでよかった!次は友里ちゃんとどこへ行くんだろう?楽しみ?

All photos by 36neex

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These photos are so cool! I wish I had these photography skills, especially with a film camera. What’s even cooler is the way you got to meet and become friends with one of your idols 🙂 it looks and sounds like you had a great time together.
Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy


You girls look so amazing, love this evening swimsuit. Hope you had a blast in LA.


These pictures are so epic! I’m in love 🙂 I also think it’s wonderful when travel plans align without planning. I know for a fact that our paths will cross again 🙂


Definitely meant to be, I love love these photos <3

The Quirky Queer


Wow ! beautiful post !
I really like your blog


OMG love your swimsuits – such cool pictures!!! Looks like so much fun 🙂 ♥



omg i love this retro edit on your photos babe! looks like you had a really fun weekend with yuri! <3 xo, sharon


How cool are these photos! I love them!!! You guys look so cute in your swimsuits!! LA nights are always the best, right??


You guys look gorgeous and I just adore the film photography. How lucky your trips overlapped. That would be soooo much fun, especially having a fellow blogger who knows why you need to stop and take photos with that wall! Hahahaha!



Such a beautiful friendship. Very nice to see you together and know more about how spending time . The metallic swimsuits looking stunning on both .


How fun to catch up with girl friend on an unplanned trip! You two are totally slaying in these swimsuits! Love these epic pictures and looks like you and Yuri had a blast.




So chic! Love your matching bathing suits!
Always so fun being in LA!


These swimsuits are so cute – and I love the night pool shoot!



I’m glad you and Yuri had a fun time in LA! I love her red and blue hair! She seems super outside the box with her style. How fun was it shooting in the pool?


I’m glad you and Yuri had fun in LA! I love her quirky style and her red and blue hair. I’ve always wanted to do a pool shoot but never had the chance. Your photos look great!


Looks like you and Yuri had a great time in LA, I am loving all of the pictures in this post, I am definitely inspired to do a pool shoot now, thanks for sharing!

~xo Sheree


Love these photos! So much fun! I want to join!


Babes you look so good!!

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