A Weekend in LA with Yuri Nakagawa

And it’s already been 3 months since my trip to LA and here is a long overdue post (oops). I still remember the flurry of events after picking up my friend Yuri Nakagawa from LAX like it was yesterday. Our meetup in LA was not planned at all – it was a coincidence how our … Continue Reading

Downtown sporty in all black

I think we all have those days where it takes longer than usual to choose the outfit for the day – somehow, there suddenly aren’t enough clothes in your closet and coordinating even a simple outfit becomes a frustrating task. It happens to me all the time probably less so now than before. I think … Continue Reading

How to wear an oversized hoodie – Part II

How to wear an oversized hoodie, part II with a feminine twist. “What?!” you say. “How can you possibly wear anything oversized and unstructured with no womanly silhouette into something close to feminine?” And I say, you can with a few tips and tricks. オーバーサイズのフードプルオーバーの着方、パート2をお届けします。今回は、女性らしい着こなし方、です。「え?!女性らしさのカケラもないアイテムをどうやって女性らしく着るの??」と思う方もいるかもしれませんが、ちょっとしたアドバイスでそれが可能になるのです。 In my last post, I introduced the boyish, casual way … Continue Reading

How to wear an oversized hoodie – Part I

While some like to keep things perfectly fitted, I like to make room for more and keep things oversized. Read on for part 1 of how I wear oversized hoodies. 洋服を身体にフィットして着こなす人がいれば、私みたいにゆるゆるオーバーサイズものを着たがる人もいる。サマンサ流のオーバーサイズのフードのプルオーバーの着方を知りたい人は、読んでね。 Well, first things first – I like to analyze the size and length of said hoodie. This one from Champion that I picked up … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | downtown streets of LA

My two-week vacation in California is slowly, yet quickly coming to a close. After going to eggslut with my brother the other day, we found some cool graffiti walls and fences in the industrial district of downtown LA and he was cool enough to snap these photos for me. I was very pleased with his … Continue Reading

eggslut for post-Christmas brunch

Hey guys, a day late but Merry Christmas! Thanks for your comments, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as I did! I took a quick trip to downtown LA this morning with my brother to try eggslut. The “slut” was amazing! A Japanese TV show I was in introduced this place in … Continue Reading

youth street design with kay lim

These photos are from a photo shoot featuring outfits by the talented designer Kay Lim. Having a photo shoot in downtown LA was really exciting – I feel like I got to know the area a little bit more. Working with this team was a great experience. You guys were awesome! 🙂 I hope I can … Continue Reading