Elegant street chic on Melrose

LA always reminds me of my university days, back when I had the privilege of attending UCLA. Coincidentally, Chase, my photographer for this shoot, is also a UCLA alumni from the Anderson School of Business. Background story about these photos: my brother and I decided to wait in line for the Daft Punk exhibition at … Continue Reading

‘Cause it’s a thriller night

  These Michael Jackson “Thriller”-inspired photos would have made a perfect Halloween blog post, don’t you think? Photographer DRK Tokyo is master at taking nighttime photos in his lair called Daikanyama. We snapped so many awesome photos in a matter of 15 minutes, all in one secluded area that he describes as “old Daikanyama,” a part … Continue Reading

Listening to music in style with Sudio Sweden

  Listening to music on the go has changed for me completely thanks to Sudio Sweden’s wireless earphones and headphones. When they first sent me the VASA BLA wireless Bluetooth earphones, I was amazed at the quality of the sound, and how much outdoor noise it blocked while I was listening to my music (with all … Continue Reading

Mixing denim and faux fur

The winter season calls for mixing up different textures you otherwise can’t do during the warmer months. When I saw this denim x faux fur midi skirt at the Zara Shinjuku Flagship store opening party little while ago, I had to have it! It’s not often you find a chic skirt like this, and I’m … Continue Reading

How to wear oversized silhouettes

  I’m a sucker for oversized, comfortable clothing – it’s a lifestyle almost, like living in a natural habitat. One popular trend this season is the super long sleeve. This Bershka number looks great with casual wide pants like the pair I’m wearing, or even just a pair of jeans. If you style two pieces … Continue Reading

An all-black uniform

I’m currently reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and it’s one of the most interesting reads I’ve had in a while. I decided to start reading it without reading any summaries or reviews, and it was nothing like I had expected, which is a good thing. Sometimes picking up a book and not expecting the expected … Continue Reading

Sporty black mesh

  I haven’t taken a real summer vacation since I graduated college, so a rare outing is the closest to one for me. And this was also a rare occasion where a photographer and I took 5 hours worth of public transportation to get to a certain location. Can you guess where this is? Hakone … Continue Reading


Experimenting with light and shadows with Rhino, wearing my favorite T-shirt, choker, jeans, sunglasses, and – well basically everything. And when the ridiculous humidity calls for nothing else but a T-shirt + jeans kind of look everyday for the rest of the summer, I’ll stick to my SoCal beach casual. This article by Tokyo fashion … Continue Reading

Tropical thunder

In the concrete jungle called Tokyo, I’m sporting my new finds at the Zara sale along with my current favorites from zeroUV and Are You Am I. Don’t underestimate those summer sales, man. 東京というコンクリートのジャングルの中で、Zaraのセールで見つけたアイテムを着用。更に、最近毎日のように着回してるキャップとチョーカーは、それぞれzeroUVとAre You Am Iからです。サマーセールは侮れないね。 T-shirt: Zara; pants: Zara; wedges: Zara; cap: zeroUV; choker: Are You Am I; bag: Metrocity; watch: Fossil

Black, white and stars

        I feel very fortunate these days to be busy with new and prospective jobs, my current jobs, and other events here and there. Sometimes my blog goes on the wayside a little bit because of that, but it’s always on the back of my mind. I’m hoping to produce more outfit … Continue Reading