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September is just around the corner, and while I’m excited for the upcoming fall season, I know I’ll miss the heat wave that has enveloped Tokyo for the last two months. For my last outfit post of the season, I want to introduce two different outfits that I styled with Rivieras slip-on shoes, a perfect staple for summer. Read on for more about my other summer favorites, including a discount code you don’t want to miss!


Breezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha Mariko

Rivieras for comfort & style

I rarely wear heels unless it’s for a party or special event. As a busy Tokyo-ite constantly on the go, it is crucial that I have a wide selection of comfortable footwear for my different outfits. So you can imagine my delight when Rivieras Japan gifted me two pairs of their signature slip-on shoes! While the design is quite simple and casual, they’re sophisticated enough to be worn with a chic ensemble. I wanted to keep this first outfit simple to compliment the checkered print of the shoes – a clean, white shirt with colorful shorts to match the orange lining of the clutch bag, topped off with some sassy sunglasses. Bringing out the California girl in me with a mix of Tokyo urban vibes. Outfit details at the end of the post!

都内ではしょっちゅう移動したり、重い荷物を運んだりすることが多いので、特別なイベントかパーティーではない限り滅多にヒールは履かないです。なので、Rivieras Japanからスタイリッシュなスリッポンを2足いただいた時は大感激でした!デザインは割とシンプルなのですが、シックなコーディネートとも組みやすいスタイルなので、とても気に入っています。最初のコーディネートは白黒のチェック柄のスリッポンに、シンプルな白シャツ、そして差し色になるオレンジのショーパンとクラッチを合わせ、涼しげな感じにしました。私の中のカリフォルニアガールと東京アーバンをさりげなくミックス。アイテムの詳細は下までスクロールしてみてね!

Breezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha MarikoBreezy Summer Outfit Recap by Samantha Mariko

Glam up your tech accessories with Ideal of Sweden

Another brand I’ve become quite fond of this season is Ideal of Sweden. They make the cutest smartphone accessories, including cases, wallets, and rings. I’ve been a huge fan of their tropical-print iPhone cases, which I’ve been using on rotation all season and have gotten so many compliments on already. This time, I chose one of their colorful cases to contrast with this striped romper, which is very simple in its color and design. Also, a juicy tidbit for my readers: make sure to use discount code JPsummer20 when you shop at Ideal of Sweden! *Offer ends August 31st, 2018

今季もうひとつハマったブランドはIdeal of Sweden. スマホアクセサリーを幅広く展開していて、スマホのハードケース以外にもウォレットケースやリングもあります。夏にぴったりなトロピカル柄が可愛くて、スマホを使う度にテンションが上がります。2つ目のアウトフィットのシンプルなストライプ柄とはコントラストに、カラフルなトロピカル柄のケースを合わせてみました。そしてなんと、8月31日まで使える割引コードもあります!Ideal of Sweden でお買い物をする際に「JPsummer20」を使えば、20%オフになりますよ!是非お早めに!


Outfit 1: Allumer shirt, ANDYKEY shorts, Rivieras slip-on, zeroUV sunglasses, DEZSO clutch

Outfit 2: Bershka romper, Rivieras slip-on, zeroUV sunglasses, Zara earrings, Metrocity bag, Ideal of Sweden iPhone case


Photos by Nona

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These are great slip ons for casual wear and for being comfortable on the go. I would definitely use these for traveling as well so I could look stylish and explore all day long. I love the different prints and they look great with both looks! xoxo, Christine


Totally can relate to you when it comes to type of footwear! Like you, I always wear comfortable shoes since I’m on the go and only heels for events 🙂 I actually just received a similar vest inspired romper! Can’t wait to style them 🙂


ahhh girl you pull off these breezy summer looks so well! i love how those printed shorts add a perfect dash of color to your look too 🙂


I’m loving these summer looks, and those shoes look so cute and comfortable! Beautiful photos!


I neeeeed some new tech accessories ASAP! My phone is already smashed and needs some tlc and protection. And about your outfit – you wear them so effortlessly and love the choice of footwear!

Tatyana X


Some gorgeous looks here and especially love the Pinstriped one it’s very glam indeed and suits you perfectly.

Laura xo


Love all of your chic summery looks. I’ve noticed that Asian countries tend to wear more boxy and crisp looks in summer probably because it is so hot and humid and people don’t like clothes sticking to their body and opt for a more chic minimal style. Love that second striped jumper, I would wear it in a heartbeat!

xo Sheree


Of course you nailed this casual look. I always admire how you put your styles together. You’re loookg good girl!! And that haircut really fits you!


This Riviera shoes looks s comfy and you make look so chic with both of your outfits babe!! If theres something I love investing is in a good pair of comfy shoes for traveling! My favorite look is the tropical shorts and the white oversized shirt. PD: I’m not ready for summer neither!



wow you look stunning, the outfits really suit you. Are you planning on doing a similar post for Autumn?


thanks! I will think about it 🙂

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