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Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all a DOPE & prosperous 2018 full of love, good health, and success.


How did you spend your New Years?

To be truthful, my last week of 2017 was pretty shitty – I was in bed every single night with a fever (this probably wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have to go out to work for some of my jobs but alas, a girl needs to hustle), and I had to turn down plans and offers to hang out. But my NYE and New Year’s were perfect, spent with my bestie over cheesy movies, good wine and munchies.


Getting down to business

Now that the New Year’s festivities are over, it’s time for business. I’m sure all of you have New Year’s resolutions, whether they are written down word for word on paper, or they’re sort of floating around in the back of your mind. For me, it’s both. I mean, I always make goals for myself year-round, but there  are some things I wanted to get started right when the New Year rolled in. One thing I can say for sure is, I am rebranding my blog slowly but surely. There are more specific topics I want to write about and while it’s going to take some time, I know I’ll get there soon enough. I’m looking forward to this transformation, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of the content I will be producing in the coming months.


That’ so DOPE

You might’ve figured this out already, but the reason why I wished y’all a DOPE New Year was to go along with the brand I’m wearing in these photos. DOPE is an LA-based street wear label, and I was stoked when the Japan team reached out to me style some of their pieces. I love a simple & comfortable hooded sweatshirt and dad hat to complete my street style look. What do you think?

今回着用しているフーディーとキャップはLA発のストリートウェアブランド「DOPE」のもの。日本のチームからお声かけ頂いた時は感激しました!ロスと東京スタイルをミックスするのが一番好きなので、スポーティーカジュアルスタイルを原宿で撮ってみました。Stay DOPE!

DOPE sweater & hat, Adidas leggings, Adidas Originals sneakers, zeroUV sunglasses

All photos by Fu Sheng Wang

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Loving these photos. Happy new year, Samantha! Sending good vibes your way!

Enclothed Cognition


I’m definitely a fan of the hoodie! It makes for great street style outfits and I am excited to see what you accomplish this year!


I’ll take a dope year any day! I am digging this entire look! This is why I love your style! You do street wear so right! I love how you switch it up from girly to tom boy chic. Perfect look! I wouldnt mind having this sweatshirt! Can’t wait to see what you will be writing about in the upcoming months! Happy 2018!


Samantha I love your DOPE sweatshirt. I cannot wait to get back to LA to get one. Always look forward to your posts. Happy New Year.



I’m sorry you had to spend the last week of 2017 in bed sick but your friends are so nice to come and spend with you. I enjoyed your style very much and your travelings too and I’m glad to learn that you have many talents such as DJ’ing and can’t wait to see what re-branding you will be doing in 2018!

xo Sheree


I can’t wait to see your transformations on the next weeks .
Looking nice with this sporty look. Welcome to 2018.


I love this look! You look great. I’m so sorry you ended your 2017 in such a crappy way. I hope your start to 2018 is much better!


That hoodie is DOPE indeed! I love simple logo hoodies. They’re so comfy and easy to wear. I hope have a better start to your new year. Feel better and take care of yourself. I can’t wait to see the new content in 2018!


Happy New Years, Samantha! hope you are doing better now, I love your outfit and style! you look so incredibly amazing. My best wishes for 2018 sending good vibes and much love!

xx. Gina


I can see why they would reach out to you. You are an awesome street style fashionista.
Sorry to hear you were sick during the holidays. I was too. Had cold and cough. More of allergies though. Still, not a good way to spend the holiday.

I wish you a wonderful year with more gorgeous fashion to share. Happy 2018!


Wishing you a dope 2018 babe! Loving this sporty chic look. Hope the new year’s been treating you nicely so far 🙂 xo, sharon


I’m so glad you are looking forward to changing things up in 2018. I felt the same way about my blog, rather then just posting outfits, I also want to focus on products, travel, and workouts with results. I feel that my readers will have something to look forward to every time the read my blog. Looking forward to reading your next blog post babe.


Sounds like a perfect way to ring in a New Year. Wishing you all the very best for 2018. Excited to see what it’ll bring you. Also excited to see where you take this blog.



Such a nice sporty look babe!! I spent my NYE with my family in CostA Rica and it was so much fun because i didn’t spent the previous year with them.
Im working on my resolutions but I think I just want things to happen naturally!! Wish you the best year ever.



Hope you have the best 2018 and provide us with many exciting posts and fashion looks! You look fab here!

Tatyana x


新年あけましておめでとうございます。たまにご訪問させて頂き目の保養をしています。Ōkami といえば、あの可愛い花のルピナスも繁殖力が強すぎるのでラテン語のオオカミの意味から来ていると聞いた事が有ります。


Loving the cool street vibes in this look, babe! A very happy new year to you too! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your blog in 2018. I’m sure you’ll blow us away and continue to give us the unique, fierce sense of style you already have.

All the best,
Jo xx


I loved the play on words with Dope. Wishing you a wonderful 2018

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