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I frequently live by quotes. Motivational ones, inspirational ones, funny ones, gripping ones – you name it. I frequently go to Pinterest and other blogs to collect new words of wisdom I can live by, but what I didn’t realize was I can find some good ones on my own clothing. A T-shirt I selected for the graphic design turns out to be an inspiration in itself.


When the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New Balance

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

How fitting that this quote is positioned below a photograph of the hippest grandma you’ll ever see. She looks like one tough cookie that has gone through all the ups & downs that life has to offer and yet, still remains unscathed and ready to take on more. Even in my own life, many of the experiences I’ve had to encounter have taught me how important it is to continually toughen yourself in order to be physically and mentally prepared for anything. Life is life- you never know what is going to happen next.


When the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New Balance

Don’t toughen it up alone

But another thing I’ve learned over the years is, you don’t have to toughen it up alone. I would not be a tough cookie myself without the support of my family, friends and colleagues. It’s because I have people around me I can talk to and go to for advice that I’ve been able to get through a lot of what’s happened in my life. I would never, ever say I became a stronger and smarter person alone. Tough also means putting aside your pride to accept help when necessary. And I’m tough enough to admit that I was not afraid to do just that.

でもそれとは裏腹に、自分で全部背負わなくても大丈夫。自分も今までを乗り越えられたのも、周りにいる家族や友人、同僚のサポートのお陰です。話せる人、アドバイスを求められる人、私を叱ってくれる人。そういう人達がいるからこそ、今の自分がここにいる。自分が今ぐらいにタフになれたのは絶対一人でできたこととは言えない。タフになるには、必要ないプライドを置いて助けを求めるのも大事です。私も今まで何度も、そしてこれからもそうすることを認めるもの全然怖くないし、恥ずかしくない。And you shouldn’t be either.

When the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New BalanceWhen the going gets tough - New Balance


New Balance T-shirt, English Factory skirt (via Shopbop), Adidas for Moussy bag (sold out), Dr. Martens boots, Rkt necklace, zeroUV glasses.

All photos by Nona


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Oh it’s such a fun t-shirt! How cute and boss!
xx Jenelle |


Beautiful look, great pics 🙂


I really love your style and how you dress up.
This tee shirt is so fun and even more with the golden skirt.


Those were some really uplifting words babe thanks for sharing! 🙂



Beautiful thoughts and I’m glad you’re surrounded with positive peoples. I’m opposed of you and despite love to stay in company many problems I’m resolved alone in my life . It’s not for my choose sometimes you need to trust only in yourself .


I live by quotes too! I write them down everywhere! I am digging this t-shirts. Clothes with meaning make Fashion that much better. Of course you are fly as usual!! Your glasses are bomb!


I also do the same love collecting quotes from Pinterest and love buying tshirts with inspirational and fun quotes.
Love the design of this t-shirt and you know how to style it right babe!



Love the way you styled this awesome -shirt! It’s so true though – never get through all this alone. I might be a tough cookie one day, but it’s important that there’s someone out there that brings out the soft teddy in you another day!

Tatyana x


I absolutely live for quotes as well. I find them so comforting during times of strife. I love the sentiment that you don’t have to toughen up alone. I tend to feel like I have to take on those challenging times myself and this is a wonderful reminder that I don’t have to always go it alone.


i couldn’t agree more with this quote and it is just so true! during tough times we got to keep pushing and get through whatever hurdle it is that’s in front of us. honestly, i think it’s these moments that make us stronger and shape us! great photos darling xo


Love your outfit babe, this skirt is super cute.


You have great pictures on your post’s.
I really like your blog


Thank you so much!

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