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A letter to myself in 2012:


Dear Samantha,

I’m writing to you from the year 2019, a very life-changing and important year for you in your career and personal life.

You just moved from California to Japan on your own with just two suitcases, no concrete plans for your future but lots of hopes and dreams. You pretty much threw away everything that you’ve worked on up until that point to try something new for yourself instead of staying in a tiny bubble and settling for less. You even let go of the best relationship of your life, something that you will realize later on is going to be irreplaceable.




As the months and years go by, you’ll realize that the road to success will not be an easy one. You will struggle. Just because you got a contract with a modeling agency does not mean you will get the dream jobs; in fact, you will get close to no jobs in the first few years. You will actually be working part-time jobs for the first couple of years just to make ends meet while juggling other work. You will be in a very toxic relationship and have to learn things the hard way. And, unfortunately, you will lose some of the most important people in your life before you can properly say goodbye.

But on the bright side, the many hardships you encounter will make you the strong person you are today. The blog you started during university will be the key to your success later on and something you’ll want to pat yourself on the back for not giving up on it. You’ll get some cool gigs through your agency because you have a unique look and because of all the work you put into building your portfolio. And you’ll even dip your feet into careers that you never thought were possible – DJing, PR and event production. So many people will be supportive of these career choices, and they will be fruitful as long as you are consistent and hardworking.



2019 will be a year of growth and loss. You’ll start the year by going on your first solo trip to the destination of your dreams. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be changing your look dramatically almost on a whim but it will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for yourself. This is the year you will quit your day job and your agency; although it might seem scary at first, your freelance career will take off in unexpected ways. As a DJ, it will be a challenging yet amazing year for you – so many fantastic opportunities will arise and the connections you make will lead to even more opportunities in 2020. People will take you seriously and appreciate what you have to offer. You’ll be taking on new projects with different teams and work with fantastic people in the industry within Japan and abroad. You will not regret challenging yourself. 

But with the ups come the downs, not just in your career but in your personal life. Make sure you cherish the memories you had with Grandpa and Oji-chan because they loved you very much. Keep your family close. And your love life? Don’t worry about it too much – just live your best life and don’t let any one guy define your happiness because that is up to you and only you!



Keep on shining because you got this. You have so much to look forward to♡



With lots of love,

Samantha from December 2019




Photos by Rusty S.

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I really appreciate your insightful look back!


Happy New Year dear!

Jessica |


Happy New Year! This is such a beautifully written and such an inspirational letter to yourself! Thanks for sharing!


Giiiiirl you look amaaaaazinggg! And it is such a lovely bikini!

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nice .. I visited your website. lovely to see and read

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