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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog (sorry!). I’ve been working on new projects since quarantine, my new podcast being one of them.


My good friend Julia and I have been wanting to do a lifestyle podcast since last year, and what better time to launch it than during quarantine when everyone is at home! The “Tokyo Angels Podcast” is a purpose-driven lifestyle podcast wherein every episode, we will be discussing fun and challenging subjects that will broaden our perspectives and educate both us and our listeners alike. Our hope is to elevate awareness on important subject matters, keeping things all-inclusive to create a better future for Japan.


As of now, we are uploading an episode every Wednesday, and have covered topics such as quarantine, wellness, self-care, beauty, sexual wellness, sex & relationships, LGBTQ pride, and Black Lives Matter. We’ve invited a variety of guests so that we can gain a better insight into these various topics in order to learn and gain awareness. We have also hosted a successful online Zoom workshop conducted by Julia, who is a mental health coach. We plan to do workshops frequently by inviting different guests and forming a community here in Japan with our listeners.

毎週水曜日に新しいエピソードをアップし、自粛期間、ウェルネス、セルフケア、美容、セクシュアルウェルネス、恋愛とセックス、LGBTQプライドとBlack Lives Matterについてのエピソードを後悔しています。様々なゲストをお呼びし、これらのトピックについてしっかり学べるようなスタンスでエピソードを収録しています。また、ジュリアのメンタルヘルスコーチングを活かし、初めてのオンラインZoomワークショップも開催しました。今後も、色んなゲストを呼んでワークショップを開催し、Tokyo Angelsのコミュニティを作りたいなと思っています。

Since the podcast is targeted to a Japanese audience, Julia and I speak mainly in Japanese in the episodes (apologies to non-Japanese speakers!) But we do throw in some English words in there so it might be worth listening to one of our episodes 🙂 We are unfiltered and gender-inclusive in our content (hence the word “Angels” in our title). Please check us out on Spotify or our Instagram page here, Facebook here, or Twitter here.


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Congrats on launching your podcast! It sounds like it would be really interesting and fun to listen to!


This is amazing! So happy you started a podcast because I don’t know if you are aware, but I have one too! 🙂 I’ll definitely have a listen!


Wow how ambitious of you! I have my hands full with my blog and YT channel. But this sounds os interesting, helpful and informative for sure!

Allie of


Fan of the new podcast! I love that you lovely ladies can create great content like this in Japan!

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