I don’t think I’ve ever written a post about dieting or eating healthy, but I thought I would share what I’ve learned by changing my eating habits.
2 months ago, I had exactly 1 week to prepare for an important audition. But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized how much weight I had gained over the holiday season with all the carbs and sweets I was eating. With the help of my friends, I dramatically changed my diet and eating habits – for that one week, I cut out bread, pasta, rice, sweets and anything else that would put on unnecessary weight. My new diet consisted of plenty of water, tea, fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat, etc. I also started exercising more and in one week, I noticed a huge difference. Basically, it worked.
2 months later, I’m still following this diet, but I started eating bread, pasta, rice and sweets, but to a healthy minimum. When I want to snack on something, I opt for unsalted nuts, granola or fruit instead of cookies, chips, or pastries. I also decided to substitute milk with soy milk. I try to eat as healthy as possible so that when I go out with friends, I can splurge on food that I really like, and even sweets that I crave 🙂 Here are some of the types of meals I eat:
for breakfast: plain yogurt with a sprinkle of granola with dry fruit, black sesame kinako (soy flour) and one banana
one bowl of brown rice, one egg, red miso soup, pickles
rice, miso soup, fish, and a small Japanese dessert 🙂
A few days ago, I picked up the newest issue of Gina magazine and I was pretty excited to find an article about dieting. Almost all of their advice coincides with what I’m currently doing.
Here are the 5 important rules they list:
1. Cut back on the carbohydrates 
(meat, seafood, eggs, butter, oil, soy, mushrooms, seaweed, and leafy greens are good; bread, cake, pasta, white sugar, candy and carbonated drinks are not; and be careful when consuming rice, soba noodles, pumpkin, potatoes, dairy, and seasonings with sweeteners.)
2. Avoid white sugar & artificial sweeteners
3. Choose foods that have a good chewing consistency
4. If you are consuming carbohydrates, choose (brown) rice
5. Eat your food in the correct order
(soup -> salad -> main dish -> rice)

I am not going to lie though, while healthy eating is addicting, it’s also hard not being able to eat whatever I want. But I feel good from the inside out I don’t regret this healthy lifestyle:)

Hope this post was helpful in any way! Happy [healthy] eating!


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Good for you!! I wish I had better eating habits!!


I wish I could keep up with eating healthier…I'm always good for about 2 weeks and then I let go of it. Hopefully in the future I can be more like you and stick with it. Keep up the good work.

xo erica


Fantastic! I've just started doing the same…cutting the carbs/sweets to a minimum. It's been midterm exam week for me so it's been SO tempting to indulge in pastries. Thanks for inspiring me to work harder to eat healthier!


very intresting post, I like your breakfast. What a pitty that I don't know the recepts of your asian meal because it looks delicious !


That's great to have a healthy diet! I find changing my diet is the most difficult because exercise is already a part of me. But food is 80% of the game!!

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