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So, I did a thing for my birthday. I released my first single “714-LUVTIDE” on major online platforms!


“Samantha Mariko makes her debut as a singer/songwriter with a summer house track, “714-LUTVIDE,” on her 30th birthday to welcome a new era of creativity in music. With a B.A. in piano performance from UCLA and experience singing in choirs and several original tracks previously in her career, Samantha combines her musical talents to produce a tropical disco-themed house track that is perfect for summertime. While the digits “714” indicate her birthdate, they are also the same digits for the area code of Huntington Beach, CA, where she grew up. The track begins with a voicemail intro, implying from the start that this song is about the singer bouncing back from another failed romance but is determined to embrace the circumstances through independence and self-worth with a touch of sassiness. 

Fusing 70s disco and 80s pop with a hint of R&B vibes provided by Chevy, “714-LUVTIDE” is a fun, upbeat and danceable summer tune that is sure to kick the quarantine blues away.”



Many thanks to my producer Chevy Legato for even making this possible, to P RnB Jonez for mixing and mastering the track, & to Junior for making the beautiful visuals. And thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey thus far. I couldn’t have done it without any of you♡

プロデューサーのChevy Legato, エンジニアのP RnB Jonezとグラフィックを担当したJuniorのお陰で無事完成させることができて感無量です。そして今まで私のことを支えてくれた人、応援してくれた人、本当にありがとう。これからも宜しくお願いします♡

This track is available on most major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apply Music, Apple Play, MediaNet and Deezer.

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Wow congratulations girl, that’s incredible! I’m so happy for you, I can only imagine how successful it will be. I love the imagery for the single xo

Makeup Muddle


Congratulations on this exciting endeavor! What a rewarding experience 🙂


WOW! How amazing is this!! Congratulations! Such a meaningful milestone. Love the story behind the “714” I will have to check this out! Very very exciting!

Allie of


Just listened to it on Sound Cloud it is great!!

Allie of


You are amazing, just lestened to your singel and itś great. I had a look at your blog and really enjoy your content.
Please check out my travel blog and feel free to live a comment or feedback 🙂薬湯と温泉/

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