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Have you ever traveled solo to a place you’ve never been to before? If you’ve read my two posts about my trip to Indonesia at the beginning of the year (Jakarta and Bali respectively), then you might know that this was the first solo trip I’ve ever embarked on. In the process of planning the trip and experiencing a brand new country, I’ve learned a few things that I thought I’d share in a blog post.



3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

1. You will learn to rely on yourself. 自分に頼らないといけないから。

Which is a good thing! When I went on a trip to Europe with my mom two summers ago, I remember relying on her so much in terms of planning our flights and activities. So I ended up not doing too much research on my own. But when I went on my solo trip to Indonesia last month, I had to look everything up, including flights, hotels, transportation, exchange rates, etc. It was actually pretty fun to plan out everything, including my photo shoots with local photographers and free time to explore or just relax. And because I didn’t have a travel buddy, any last minute changes or emergencies would all be my responsibility. In a way, it can be scary to do everything alone. But It is so rewarding when you realize you can accomplish so much in foreign territory.


3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

2. You can plan the trip on your own pace and terms. 自分のペースで旅行計画を立てることができるから。

One thing I truly appreciated about my Indonesia trip was the freedom to do whatever I pleased. I’m an active person, but I also love my downtime. Traveling with someone usually entails planning activities together throughout the entire trip and that can be pretty exhausting. While in Bali, I went to the spa, went on long walks and read my Kindle by the pool. I scheduled my photo shoots with local photographers when it was convenient for me. And because of that, I discovered some beautiful beaches that I otherwise would not have visited entirely on my own. When you’re traveling, you should focus on activities that make you happy, instead of cramming things recommended by others especially if it’s not your thing.


3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

3. You can and will learn something new about yourself. 自分について新たな発見があるかもしれないから。

I think this is self-explanatory, but putting yourself in a brand new environment can be a very life-changing experience. As you learn about your new surroundings, I believe that it allows you to subconsciously reflect on what you already know or what you are accustomed to. Comparison and contrast between different cultures and customs and also interacting with the locals wherever you’re traveling is a great way to absorb information. And the more information you absorb and the more experiences you gain, you learn what it is that truly resonates with you. From my experiences, I realized it’s quite difficult to really learn about yourself when you are cemented in one place – there is just very little room for growth when you put yourself in a static environment. My advice: put yourself out of the box, and do it solo while you’re at it! Make your own opinions through your own experiences. It’s simply life-changing.


3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo


Photos by Ostapko Maksim & Yuliya Ostapko 

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I went on my first solo trip last year and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I agree with all your reasons and I really did enjoy doing whatever I wanted on my own schedule and terms! It’s truly a great soul searching experience and highly recommend people to experience it at least once in their life!


I’ve always been too scared to travel alone, especially overseas, but I hope to do it at least once! I feel like it would be an amazing experience


Man, I learned a lot traveling on my own. It’s been something I’ve always done, so by now it feels more natural than traveling with people if I am honest. I like to plan my own path and not have to waste time on silly things that compromise getting the most out of the time you have somewhere.
xx Jenelle |


What I like the most of traveling alone is that I get to meet people and make new friends. Loved your pictures btw! That bathing suit looks great on you!



So I’ve been wanting to plan a trip somewhere by my lonesome. I think I’m going to do it. I need that time to just chill and gather myself. I need the space. The only problem is, who will take my pics! Lol. Thanks for the encouragement Samantha!


I definitely agree that traveling solo teaches you so much about yourself! I haven’t done it all long time, but this post definitely reminds me about how valuable traveling solo can be! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


I have never traveled by myself but after reading this most you make me definitely want to! You’re absolutely right that you can learn about yourself. I love spending time by myself and always enjoy my own company. Will probably have plan a trip for just me soon!



Good looking.


Sometimes, looking back helps … today a year ago ^^
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