I know this post consists of a random collection of photos, but there is one common theme. I decided to spend part of my last weekend in Orange County in San Diego to visit some friends and explore more of its greatness. Hopefully you can tell by my photos that I had some amazing food… starting with blueberry, strawberry & banana waffles at Kensington Cafe. After heading over to the beach for a bit, I was introduced to Extraordinary Desserts, which is true to its name (the floral decorations are real, by the way). For dinner, my friends and I grabbed a bite to eat at Craft and Commerce, a bar/restaurant that reminds me of Father’s Office. The interior decor was very urban and welcoming, and those oysters shown right above were absolutely delicious. I think I may have underestimated San Diego til now. I can definitely see myself going back to all of these places sometime in the future.
(shirt: Nordstrom Rack; pants & wedges: Forever 21; purse: Zara; shades: H&M)

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OMG, the food looks so delicious!




Oh why yes I noticed your delicious food! I haven't gone to San Diego in sooo long, but I will be going to Cali this week! Close enough haha 😛


You're so lucky to live in America!
I think in the future I will definitely live there. You just don't get stuff like this in the UK ♥

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