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2018 was one hell of a year for me full of many life-changing moments. It’s easy to go into the new year with fresh prospects, expecting amazing opportunities to fall into your hand. Even though my 2018 didn’t start out the best, I also didn’t expect it to be a year of so many blessings. With that said, here is a quick reflection of my 2018.


You can’t win everything until you lose some

The year actually started out pretty roughly for me. I was let go from two of my regulars (anything like this can be expected in the industry) and it was a devastating blow for me to say the least. I still remember moping around about something I couldn’t change, when I got an offer to be a guest speaker & performer for Portland State University’s Japan Night in the spring. Being invited to participate in a university event had been a dream of mine for quite some time and I was ecstatic. It was also the push I needed to start making things happen for myself again. Because when you lose something, you’re essentially making room for newer, better opportunities in your life.



And things only get better from here

This spring, two other big changes occured – I quit my former job for something better-suited for me, and I cut my hair to the shortest it has ever been in my life. I was desperate for more big changes in my life, and I made the extra steps to make it happen. I now work at a PR company during the day, and I’m extremely thankful for everything that I’ve learned and all the people I have met thus far. Even though it’s only been half a year, the quality of my career has improved immensely because of this. Also, my DJ bookings have steadily increased in the latter half of 2018, and I’m extremely thankful for this too. And the haircut – need I say more? I feel like an entirely new person with my pixie cute. Best decision I’ve made.



On to the next

Although I have no idea what to expect in the coming year, all I know is I want to make it a year of continuous change and new experiences. I want to keep growing as a person. I want to take on more challenges to better myself. And I know that I’ve already changed significantly since I did this exact same post last year (time flies!). With that said, here’s to an even better 2019! How do you envision your 2019 to be? Let me know in the comments <3

2019年はどういうことが起こるかさっぱりわかりませんが、更なる変化と新しい体験が訪れる一年になって欲しいなと思っています。人としてもっと成長したい。もっと色んなことにチャレンジしたい。皆さんはどんな2019年にしたいですか?Here’s to an even better 2019 <3


Asos x Laquan Smith jacket (on sale) & pants, Forever 21 top, Tobi bra, Vans shoes, Adidas x Moussy bag.

All photos by Willis the Gorilla

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I completely agree with you on all the points you made for your 2018 reflection. I definitely believe that things happen for a reason and if something doesn’t happen the way you want, it’s probably because something greater is about to happen. I think a year makes such a huge difference and where we were a year ago is so far from who we are now. Here’s to a great 2019!

Christine |


I love the short hair! It’s clear that you have had an increase in your DJ bookings, they seem to be coming in thick and fast and are a lot of the time related to fashion in some way right? That is pretty cool! I didn’t know you were also working in PR. Sounds like the move was a good one for your career. We never know what is around the corner, do we?
All the best for the last of 2018 and on to the next! xx Jenelle |


I love all your photos as usual! You look amazing and I’m so happy we connected when I was in Japan. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for you 🙂


That sounds wonderful Samantha! I expect to take more risks, explore more of this beautiful world (meaning travle more), and continue to strive to live my best life. Hope you accomplish all you set out to do this year and congrats on all you have accomplished this past years. Cheers babe!



Short hair looks so good on you!! 2018 was full of challenges, but here’s to a bright 2019!!!



Yes to your 2018!! It’s so encouraging to hear other people’s stories about how their year went. And I loved that you cut your hair! It encouraged me to cut mine! For my 2019 I want it to be 2018 on steroids! I enjoyed 2018 and I know 2019 has even better things in store!!


wow, it sounds like you had a great 2018 despite the rough start babe. good to hear that you had an increase in your DJ bookings. really love when you share slices of your DJ life on here and looking forward to more this year! may 2019 be filled with lots of love, health, happiness, and adventure for you darling! xoxo


I loved your change about you cut your hair. Looking very good and dinamic as you. I think you are full of experiences and I understand from your way of thinking and writing. I hope you have the best year in 2019 and wush you many goals. The outfit reflect your style a young and strong woman.

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