A Time for Reflection – Looking Back on 2018

2018 was one hell of a year for me full of many life-changing moments. It’s easy to go into the new year with fresh prospects, expecting amazing opportunities to fall into your hand. Even though my 2018 didn’t start out the best, I also didn’t expect it to be a year of so many blessings. … Continue Reading

How to wear a bold T-shirt 3 ways for fall

Being a California girl through and through, wearing T-shirts is second nature for me and I probably own more than I really need. I’ve recently noticed that wearing bold-colored tees is the trend this fall, so I picked one up for myself – a bright purple logo T-shirt from Studio Wear by Moussy, their newest … Continue Reading

Hello July, Hello summer

Hello July! I can’t believe we’re already in the second half of 2017. July is my birthday month, so it makes sense that summer is my favorite season of the year. Growing up, I was always envious of the other kids that had birthdays during the school year since the entire class could celebrate with … Continue Reading

How to wear an oversized hoodie – Part I

While some like to keep things perfectly fitted, I like to make room for more and keep things oversized. Read on for part 1 of how I wear oversized hoodies. 洋服を身体にフィットして着こなす人がいれば、私みたいにゆるゆるオーバーサイズものを着たがる人もいる。サマンサ流のオーバーサイズのフードのプルオーバーの着方を知りたい人は、読んでね。 Well, first things first – I like to analyze the size and length of said hoodie. This one from Champion that I picked up … Continue Reading

A casual little black dress part 2 (featuring Bershka)

Did everyone have a great weekend? I’ve been a little slow at responding to comments and preparing this post, so apologies for that. I actually performed at Night Nation Run in Japan, the first running music festival in the world. I was a featured artist for EDM unit EDO, which includes DJ Marc Panther, club-D … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Fall basics

Some of my fall basics featuring these must-have Bershka jeans. Just the right amount of slashed detail that they’re still classy, and oh so comfortable. 今期のベーシックを1コーデに揃えました。このBershkaのストレッチデニムはスラッシュディテールにも関わらず、クラシックな感じに着こなせます。 top: Topshop, jeans: Bershka, coat: Uniqlo, shoes: Vans, tote: Zara, sunglasses: Free People, watch: Fossil All photos by Paint with Stars Photography

OUTFIT | Playful summer vibes in Tokyo

I am ready for some summer fun, seriously. The pool, the beach in Izu, the hot springs in Hakone, somewhere. At least my birthday is coming up in a few week. もう夏の準備はできてるよー!プールでも海でもどこでもいいから、行きたい!来月の誕生日に、どこか行こうかな。   dress: Forever 21, headband: PUNYUS, bag: Zara, shoes: Vans, sunglasses: zero UV All photos by Paint with Stars Photography

OUTFIT | Casual black & minimal white

Tokyo can get immensely humid around this time of year, but thankfully, it’s cooling down a bit because of the rainy season. Instead of layering with outerwear, I wanted to keep my outfit simple with a graphic sweater and some bermuda shorts, both from Forever 21. I’ve been shopping at Forever 21 a lot these … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Tropical prints in the rain

The rain comes and goes, and this was one of those days where it was pouring on us while we were trying to shoot. Luckily, Lisa and I found some decent locations where we could avoid the rain. One of the more high-end areas in Tokyo, Omotesando is probably one of my favorite places to … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Black and white with a hoodie on top

I’m back in my hometown but only for a short week. I thought I would do a quick outfit post with photos courtesy of my youngest brother. He was nice enough to let me borrow his skateboard even though I can’t skateboard for the life of me. We’ve been spending a lot of brother/sister time … Continue Reading