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Another year older this past weekend, and what better way to celebrate my birthday than at a 5-star hotel with a spa experience! Forest Inn Showakan, in partnership with Valmont Japan, invited me for an overnight stay at their beautiful hotel in Tachikawa, about 40 minutes from Shinjuku. For this post, I wanted to focus on my spa experience at their Spa Galanterie (I will do a separate post about my overall experience at Showakan). Read on for more about my birthday spa treatment and more photos of Spa Galanterie.


Spa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn Showakan

A birthday spa date for me and my best friend

Forest Inn Showakan & Valmont Japan were kind enough to book an hour spa treatment for a friend and me. The minute we checked in our bags in our suite room (I know, I felt like a princess when I saw the room!), we were escorted to Spa Galanterie, which was conveniently located on the same floor as our room. The two estheticians gave us a tour of the spa, gave us a few moments to change into our towel wraps, and began our spa experience with luxurious foot baths. The estheticians used both Valmont and All That Spa products (an in-house original skincare line) to exfoliate and moisturize our feet. This was followed by our 1-hour facials / neck massages done side by side in the same room. Since I’ve already used Valmont products before and they work well with my sensitive skin, I felt at ease during the facial knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about any flare-ups or rashes.

フォレスト・イン昭和館とヴァルモンジャパンは、私と友達の1時間フェイシャル/スパを用意してくれました。ホテルにチェックインしてすぐ案内されたのは、部屋と同じ階にあるスパ・ガラントリー。2人のエステティシャンにスパの説明と案内をされ、着替えを済ませた後、豪華なフットバスからスパ体験が始まりました。ヴァルモンとスパ・ガラントリーオリジナルスキンケアライン、「All That Spa 」の商品を使ってフットケアを行っていただきました。その後、1時間のフェイシャル/ネックケアを隣同士のベッドでやってもらいました。以前からヴァルモンの商品を使っているので、肌荒れの心配はなく、気持ちよくフェイシャルをやってもらうことができました。

Spa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn Showakan

Post-spa service and my thoughts on Spa Galanterie

After a relaxing and refreshing facial / massage treatment, my friend and I got dressed and enjoyed a post-spa refreshment in the lounge area. They served us delicious ginger tea and natural dried fruit with no added sugar. Most spa places I go to only serve one cup of tea (which isn’t a bad thing), but having a little bite to eat as well makes a huge difference in hospitality. A full hour spa experience with my best friend was exactly what both of us needed, and it was a fantastic way to start my birthday weekend. Thank you so much Spa Galanterie and Valmont for a wonderful treat!


Spa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn ShowakanSpa Galanterie at Forest Inn Showakan

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This spa and hotel looks exquisite! I hope you had a wonderful time, and a very happy birthday as well 🙂



Beautiful pictures! Love your blog so much! |

The Gown ?


This hotel and spa look amazing, I love the decor and the feel of relaxation and a bit retro. I hop you had a great time at the spa, Happy Birthday!

~xo Sheree


Well happy birthday doll!!! It seems you got the top notch treatment for your day! This hotel seems nothing short of extravagant!!! Japan is on my list of places to visit in the future and I just may need to look into saying here!


What a wonderful was to spend your birthday! It must have been really nice being pampered like a princess with really good products that you trust. I like how they come to the room and do it for you. How neat! Hope you had a great birthday!


i love a good spa day, and this spa looks so amazing and luxurious.

xoxo, @RachelVogtTrends


This spa is so amazing!!


I felt relaxed only by looking at the pictures lol Can’t imagine actually being there! Happy Birthday! Hope that you two had a lot of fun and relaxation.



Happy belated bday girl! I hope that spa day was amazing because it looks amazing!


This looks so beautiful! I am glad you had a fab birthday weekend lovely!

x Lisa |


happy birthday gorgeous! so glad you were able to go on a relaxing retreat for your special day. it definitely looks like you had fun and makes me want to go on a spa date hahaha


First of all HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Such a beautiful gift idea. You deserved this after a lot of work and keep care about your face. Forest Inn Showakan & Valmont Japan looking very relaxing.


Usually all the spa rooms are so dark but I love the atmospgere in this one. So traditional and classy. No doubt you had the best time! Looking fab too 🙂

Tatyana x

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