As Christmas season is approaching, I’ve been slowly transitioning my fall wardrobe to winter, using key pieces to make that switch.  In this post, I’ll be introducing some of my favorite items I’ve been wearing on repeat this season, including a special pair of customized shoes from Josefinas of Portugal.


While I love wearing bold colors on occasion, I can never completely let go of those good ol’ neutrals. When I visited the Black by Moussy showroom during the summer, I knew I had to have this military jacket with the voluminous faux fur. I’ve already worn this during Tokyo Fashion Week, several parties and even on errand days, but what I want to say is, it is a versatile fall coat, and if worn with a warm sweater underneath, can also be a transition outerwear from fall to winter. This time I wore it with a comfortable Theory sweater underneath and my trusty skinnies since it was mildly warm the day these photos were taken.

To keep the neutrality a bit more interesting, I added some blush pink accessories. This Kate Spade New York bag looks like something for a formal setting, but it can be a great bag to add to a casual outfit, too. And the shoes.

目立つボールドカラーを着る日もあれば、気分によってニュートラルカラーのものを合わせて着るのも好きです。Black by Moussyの展示会に行ったとき、このファー付きミリタリーコートに一目惚れしてしまいました。既に東京ファッションウィークや多数のパーティーの場、そして特に何もない日でも色んな風に着回してます。秋用のコートですが、暖かいインナーを着れば冬にも万能。この写真を撮った日は割と暖かかったので、Theoryの薄手のニットに黒のスキニーと合わせました。

ニュートラルカラーのみだと面白くないので、普段あまり着ないブラッシュピンクのアクセントを取り入れました。このKate Spade New Yorkのバッグはデザイン的にフォーマルですが、こうしてカジュアルなコーディネートにも合わせやすいです。そして、ポイントの靴です。


These sneakers are from Josefinas of Portugal, a high-quality shoe brand known for their customizable footwear. The particular pair I’m wearing is the “B Yourself” sneaker, and each of the 5 colors available are named after 5 amazing women – Tyler Haney, Jessica Alba, Sophia Amoruso, Emily Weiss and and Whitney Wolfe. As Josefinas puts it, “Their names stand for great women and so does yours! Now you can share your name and walk proudly with it. Be yourself and be proud of it!” I was so excited when these personalized shoes arrived on my doorstep, with my name beautifully embroidered on the right shoe. Yes, I love wearing these shoes because they’re so pretty, but also because by wearing them, I remind myself that I’m proud to be a woman, and that I hope other women can feel the same way about themselves. Power to the women❤️

このスニーカーはポルトガル発のジョセフィナスという、カスタマイズ出来る高品質のフットウェアブランドのものです。私が履いている「B Yourself」スニーカーは5色展開で、それぞれのカラーは現在大活躍している女性の名前が付いています。Tyler Haney, Jessica Alba, Sophia Amoruso, Emily Weiss and and Whitney Wolfe。ジョセフィナスが言うには、「彼女たちの名前は盛大な全ての女性、そしてあなたの名前も表象します!自分の名前を自信もって表すことができます。自分に自信を持って、自分らしく!」このカスタマイズのスニーカーが届いた時は、綺麗に刺繍された私の名前に興奮してしまいました。履く度に可愛いなと思うし、それよりも、自分が女性であることに誇りを持っている、そういう気持ちを思い出させます。全ての女性がそういう風に思えたらいいな❤️

Black by Moussy coat, Theory sweater (similar here), zeroUV glasses, Kate Spade New York bag, Urban Outfitters jeans (similar here), Josefinas shoes

All photos by Fu Sheng Wang

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In LOVE with this jacket – it would be perfect for Winter here in Scotland! And those shoes are just the cutest! 🙂

Tatyana x


THIS look is like me when I’m running all day for my daughters …casual sporty and comfy. Love the coat with the faux fur neck. Also the bag and the shoes are gorgeous. Never heard before about this shoe brand . You choosed a nice color.


I love when there’s meaning behind a brand! You know I’m all about supporting and empowering women so it’s no wonder why you feel a sense of pride when wearing those shoes. I also love that military jacket because it seems comfy and the color and style is great for the winter 🙂


I love what their line stands for- strong, girl bosses and it’s even better that you can customize it with your own name. I mean what’s not to love! <3 Loved hearing a newfound brand. Will check them out. <3 Great post.

Sweet as Fiction xx


I love your sneakers, the color, and also how the engraved your name in one of the shoes! they do elevate the outfit and the pair is so chic! looove them!

xx. Gina


Those shoes are so cute! I love the unique design of them, and the color is perfect for this season. They also seem super comfortable. I will definitely be checking out the designer!

~xo Sheree


Omg those shoes are soo cool! And I love that there is meaning behind it. The fact that you can customize them to your name just to show that you are a strong woman is amazing, too!


Love your customized shoes from Josefenos. I am back in my hometown right now and would love your coat. It is cold.



Dear Samantha,
I’ve truly never seen such beautiful and unique shoes! The color and design is gorgeous and you’ve styled them beautifully with that amazing coat. You are truly stunning with so much flair and the bag is definitely the most perfect touch!


First of all, I love those sneakers and it even your name on it!! How cool is it!!! I love the bag too, it’s so stylish and it looks like it can fit a lot of things into it!! would be great to for a travel bag for flights. Btw, I saw on Initimissimi’s story for Ginza and I saw you on it!! Great job babe!

xx, Jessie


I love how you can customize your Josefina sneakers! I’ve seen other bloggers wear this shoe and I was immediately drawn to the simple yet bold detail! I love the motto it stands for too. We should all be ourselves and be proud of who we are as women. That coat also looks really warm and cozy. The fur detail on the collar is everything!


That coat is super nice! I love It girl!! And those shoes are so dope and different. I have Items too that I keep in my wardrobe rotation. That’s when you know you are getting your money’s worth!


These are such statement sneakers! I love the meaning behind putting your name on them and the color is beautiful. I never would think to put olive and pink together but the color combination works so well! This olive jacket is great for the cold weather. I like the fur collar of course! What a great and comfy look for winter! xoxo, Christine


Absolute love your style and those shoes are so adorable and the perfect color to transition from the winter also to the spring as well!!


Oh wow those shoes are so fun, love how you styled.


This fur olive coat definitely makes a great closet staple, I do love how versatile it is. Your outfit is how I would wear mine along with some cute shoes like yours. You make casual look cool.

Gabriela Vera


How cute are these shoes!! SO fun, I need to get myself a personalized pair! Thanks for sharing babe!

xo, Samira


I’m so in love with your effortlessly cool outfit here! Those sneakers are so fab – such a great gift idea too. Also I’m obsessed with your coat. I’ve seen it on your Instagram and fell instantly in love with it!

xo, Jo

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