Wishing all you party people out there a Happy Halloween?


It’s been a couple years since I did some serious dress-up for Halloween, and this year, these custom-made wigs by Aderans inspired me to do a Halloween-themed shoot. Aderans is known as a wig brand for older ladies in Japan, but when they reached out to create two custom-made wigs for me, I wanted to prove that Aderans wigs are not just for old ladies – girls in their twenty-somethings can rock their wigs, too!

Aderans wigs are extremely high quality, and both of mine are made with human hair which makes them look quite real. I’ve always dreamed of having colored hair, but knowing the damage it can do, making two colorful wigs seemed like the best option for me. At first, I was planning on making two short bob wigs, but when I tried on the silver one, I decided to ask the wig stylist to keep it as a long bob. I just had a strong image of Lady Gaga when she first debuted and thought, this one probably looks better longer. I was 100% satisfied with my wigs, and they both turned out exactly how I had imagined them to be.



So, about the mask… I picked up this pretty theatre mask when I was traveling in Venice, Italy. I don’t exaggerate when I say there were so many different types of Venetian masks to choose from, but I was drawn to the spider web-like design and the purple glitter of this particular design, and thought I could use this for a potential Halloween photo shoot. My wigs and this mask were a match made in heaven.



What are you all going to dress up as for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments!



Wigs by Aderans, mask from a Venice boutique, ruffled bodysuit from Asos, sleeveless bodysuit from Tobi (similar here)

Makeup, styling and direction by Samantha Mariko, all photos by Fu Sheng Wang


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These shots are so stunning! Loving the hair and lip color <3


Wow I must say that this is my favorite types of Halloween dress up. It is tasteful and sexy at the same time. I love the colors of the wig and those masks that you got from Venice is so beautiful! Love the editorial photography as well, everything just look perfect!
xo Sheree


Slaying babe! Slaying! Totally love the post!

xx shaine


Girl you look so amazing in these wigs! I have to say the short blonde hair REALLY suits you! Gorgeous! And these wigs definitely don’t give off any old lady vibes.



These masks are so stylish! Wish they existed years ago when I used to dress up for Halloween haha! Gorgeous detailing x


Say yes for this kind of Halloween outfit ! Very cool and sexy. Good photography love how you played with the shadows and colors. Great idea themask from Venice, I have one but is white 😉 haha your hairs are perfect w them.



You have totally inspired me to dress up for Halloween! Your outfit and your makeup and your hair is just on point! You are killing it girl!


Omg this is amazing. I especially love the wig with purple roots. Looks so awesome! And you look beautiful in all of these photos 🙂



I’m usually cheap and go as myself for Halloween…haha! Your makeup is gorgeous, as always and I just love that mask! That was a really great buy for you/ Hope you have a lovely Halloween 🙂


I am so obsessed with these wigs and the simplicity of these Halloween looks but how chic they are too! I personally love the silver, longer bob on you with the copper lips. The purple wig is fun as well but love the silver! These wigs look amazing and other than the colors, they look like real hair! How fun these looks are and just in time for the spooky, fun Halloween parties. I’m not much for dressing up but maybe I’ll just throw on a mask to take the kids trick or treating. =) xoxo, Christine


You are totally rocking these wigs in every color and your masks are stunning. Beautiful photo shoot – you look amazing.




These photos are incredible!! The wigs are so cool on you, and I completely understand why they are appealing. I don’t love the idea of damaging your hair either, it takes so so long to repair after you have gone lighter.
Love the mask too! Good choice!
xx Jenelle


Ive never worn a wig before but girl you are killing it! Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? Your makeup and photos are off the roof as usual!


You look so gorgeous, inspiring and perfect! I adore this photo shoot and this is the perfect Halloween costume and Venetian mask. Enjoy Halloween, Samantha!

xx. Gina


You look amazing in this Halloween look babe, I love the makeup and hair colors too.

Gabriela Vera


OMG, Sam. You look like 2 totally different persons in these wigs! Amazing. I love both of them, it is such a great idea to make 2 colourful wigs in order not to ruin your own hair. I should think about it too. And these wigs looks like a real hair, amazing. I love this photoshoot, very sexy and provocative.



Wow you look so hot babe. Love that bodysuit and your mask.


The wig and the mask truly are a match made in heaven and I love having souvenirs like that. As for the wigs, I don’t think anyone can pull off a beautiful editorial like this the way you do, Samantha. They look stunning on you and you most certainly removed whatever misconception people had about only old ladies wearing wigs as you look phenomenal. I don’t really do Halloween so I was at home bingeing Stranger Things instead, haha.
Thomas xx


I didn’t know those great wigs from Aderans and that mask is so beautiful!!!!
I wore Wednesday’s costume on Halloween 🙂



You look so fierce in these shots! The wigs and the mask look amazing on you. I’ve never tried wearing a wig before but I totally want to give it a try. It’s so much fun to get dressed up especially for Halloween!

xo, Jo


OMG love this mask babe they are too cute and definitely would love all of them!! You look amazing and definitely another photos that look so editorial!!
Eve the wigs color looks so great on you. Im sure if i tried any of these I will look totally crazy lol



Wow! These photos are absolutely stunning! Amazing. I love them!

Kara Aragon

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