It might be a little too late to be posting a Halloween makeup tutorial since the weekend is almost over, but maybe it will be useful for next year. I dressed up as a witch this Halloween, but since my costume was pretty simple, I really wanted my makeup to be vivid and, well, sexy. My 3 essentials were crazy eyelashes, KATE super sharp [liquid] liner, and L’Oreal lipstick in 302 sunset red. I was lucky to have gotten my fake lashes as a gift from my friend – they were outrageous enough but not trashy. To go along with the eyelashes, I made my winged eye liner extra long and applied an excessive amount of black eye shadow (I would never do this normally!). I also drew the spider web with my KATE liquid eyeliner. And last but not least, the lipstick. Make sure you use a lip brush so the lip color stays on the whole night! It really makes a difference 🙂
I hope this helps. Happy Halloween!<3

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