During the first week of my stay in Paris, the Christian Dior exhibit, Couturier du Rêve, or “Designer of Dreams,” opened its doors to the public at Les Arts Decoratifs. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of the House of Dior, this beautiful exhibit allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Dior, and to also view the designs of the couturiers who succeeded him.

While I’ve always known of Dior, it wasn’t until recently that I learned of the history behind the brand and what makes Dior the brand that it is today. Within the past couple of months, I’ve been fortunate enough to have participated in several Dior parties and events in Tokyo, allowing me to understand why Dior is such an iconic brand that people have and continue to love over the years. So the Couturier du Rêve was the most perfect opportunity for me to see all of the history up close, in the city where it all began.

私が先月パリに滞在していた一週間目に、クリスチャン・ディオールのエキシビション、「Couturier du Rêve(夢のクチュリエ)」を装飾芸術美術館で開催されました。ディオール創業70周年を祝うこのエキシビションでは、メゾン創業者ディオールとその後を継いだデザイナー達の独特な世界観をしっかりと味わうことができます。


The exhibit spreads over 3,000 square meters and displays over 300 couture pieces. It begins at the nave, which is apparently a replica of the facade of the house’s headquarters at 30 Avenue Montaigne. According to an online article by Vogue.com, “…when the maison Dior debuted on February 12, 1947, it provoked immediate rapture, occasionally scandalized, and eventually changed fashion forever. With the New Look came a return to femininity, sumptuousness, and indelible Parisian-ness that reverberates through fashion to this day.” The clothes in the front windows are not Dior; they show how the “New Look” influenced other designers after him, both in Paris and abroad.

このエキシビションは広さ3000平方メートル以上で、およそ300点ものクチュールデザインが展示されています。美術館を入ってすぐ左側のディスプレイは、30 Avenue Montaigne に建つHouse of Diorの本部を再現しているそうです。Vogue.comの記事によると、ディオールが1947年2月12日にデビューした以来、沢山の人を夢中にさせ、でも時には反感を起こし、最終的にはファッションを変えたのです。「The New Look」と共に女性らしさや贅沢さ、そして誰もが想像できるようなパリらしさも現在のファッションに映し出されています。ウィンドーに展示されている型は実はディオールのデザインではなく、ディオールの「New Look」にインスパイアされたデザイナー達のクチュールデザインです。


After Christian Dior passed away, several designers succeeded him to make sure his vision continued on as the House of Dior. Starting with Yves Saint Laurent, each successor created lavish collections which still incorporate Dior’s original vision of beauty and femininity, designs that uphold classiness and elegance of Parisian chic. Despite this, you can still see the individuality of each designer as you go through each room in a side gallery.

ディオールが亡くなった後、彼のヴィジョンを引き継いだデザイナー達によって、House of Diorも今年で70周年を迎えることができました。イブ・サン・ローランを始めに、どの後継者も華やかなコレクションを生み出し、そして同時にディオールが描いていた美と女性らしさの図も取り入れながらパリらしいシックとエレガンスを表現しています。サイドギャラリーの各部屋が各デザイナーの作品を展示しており、デザイナー一人ひとりの個性も堪能することができます。

Yves Saint Laurent


Marc Bohan


Gianfranco Ferré


John Galliano


Raf Simons


Maria Grazia Chiuri

After the side gallery, guests immediately enter a white wonderland, a showcase extraordinaire of the Ateliers from 1947 to 2017. The next gallery was one of my favorites – “The Dior Allure,” which displays some of Dior’s iconic dresses in gray, red and black tones. You can see through these structured designs that Dior constructed his dresses based on his observations of the female body and a desire to idealize its proportions.

サイドギャラリーを抜けた後、あっと驚くようなホワイト・ワンダーランドが目の前に広がります。この1947年から2017年のアトリエの展示の更に先が、私が最も楽しめたディオールの作品達が飾られていたスペース、「The Dior Allure(ディオールの魅惑)」。赤、グレー、黒のディオールらしいガウンやドレススーツを着たマネキンが一列に並び、ディオールがいかにも女性らしさや女性の身体の作りを意識していたかが分かります。

Lastly, guests enter a grand installation of gowns worn by famous female figures. This room is replicated after the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles (a destination I visited after this exhibit so it all makes sense now). Not only are the gowns beautiful beyond words, taking in the overall installment is just as exciting, as the light projection changes every few minutes. I could easily describe this grand finale as a fashion lover’s dream come true.


“Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams” is on view from July 5, 2017, through January 7, 2018. For more articles about the exhibit, check out Vogue.com and The Telegraph UK.



All photos taken and edited by Samantha Mariko.

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I would love to visit the Dior galleries! I always have an interest wit the history of fashion and brands because it’s important to learn what and who influenced the brand to what it is today. You definitely are lucky enough to experience Dior parties and this exhibit! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂


You are so lucky to be able to tour & experience one of the most famous talented designers in the world. Dior is one I will probably never get to visit so I guess we can live through your experience. I do love Dior and purchase a pair of sunglasses several years ago and they are still my favorite. Beautiful fashion.




Wow I would be so amazed being in this beautiful museum showcasing the most coveted pieces from Christian Dior. How lucky that you had the opportunity to see this and understand how the design house has evolved from the past to present day. I could only imagine how surreal it was to see these beautiful masterpieces in person! What a fab exhibit and I am hoping to see it when I am in Paris this fall! Xoxo, Christine


wow this exhibit looks beautiful and i love all the dresses! so so pretty! I could see myself wearing some of them too 😉 thanks for sharing darling! xo, sharon



I am so happy for your trip in Paris! I myself wanna go there so much, but just havent had a time 🙁



Now this is the type of event I need to go to!!! How exciting is this?? All of this history is just wonderful! The designs were breathtaking!! I know you thoroughly enjoyed yourself at this Fashion extravaganza!! Love this!


Oh my gosh, I am in love!! This is fashion heaven! This exhibit collection of all things Dior is so exquisite and all of the pieces were so iconic. I love the vintage pieces, but I also love the evening gowns as well as the casual style. Everything looked so so gorgeous I don’t even know where to start, the white room, I mean, so edgy and avante guard. Thanks for sharing!

xo Sheree


Dior embodies beauty and elegance. I love seeing their beautiful ball gowns that are so intricately handmade, with nothing left to chance. I learned so much about Maison Dior while reading this. I would be so cool to see this in person! I’m so glad you had the opportunity Sam!


Dear Samantha,
This would be an absolute dream come true for me to be immersed in the fascinating and glamorous world and be able to attend an exhibit of such grandeur such as this one of Christian Dior. His work and the inspiration that has grown from his feminine and sumptuous styles is extraordinary!


The way Les Arts Decoratifs decided to display this exhibit is absolutely breathtaking! It’s so fitting for the iconic designs of Christian Dior. The New Look silhouette was such a game-changer but also one that is still highly coveted to this day. So many of my customers ask me for vintage 1950s full-skirt dresses that Christian Dior made so popular. It’s so lady-like and sophisticated, I think it will be in style for decades to come. Thanks for sharing your pics with us from the exhibit!

xo, Jo


Quite sure this was an experience to remember based on the photos of these pretty designs! I love how the other designers allowed his presence and creativity to live on by creating collections based on Dior’s vision. I would love to own a few of his designs myself!



All until the end of the post I was hoping you’d mention how long it runs for as I totally need to see that exhibition and now I know I get to see it, YAY 😀 Also now I feel even closer to Maison Dior as they opened their doors on February 12th and I was born on February 13th so we’re almost the same age (and when it comes to years, at least mentally, haha). Thanks for the tip!
Thomas xx


I am personally in awe of the dedicate and style that these designers have put into making Dior dresses. The sheer time, effort and passion that goes into the designs are evident. Thanks for sharing this exhibit!



Amazing exhibition, I would love to visit it, as I’m obsessed with a history of fashion and brands. And Dior has such a strong historical background!
All clothes from you pictures looks like pure art. And it is art. It is so interesting to see how fashion has changing during the years.



Girl you are SO lucky to have visited the Dior gallery. It’s on my bucket list as it’s my favourite designer. Their designs are so ladylike and sophisticated and I feel like I was there by viewing your photos. <3 Keep these posts coming. Living vicariously through you!

Sweet as Fiction xx


Hi beautiful girl! 🙂 so lucky you have to experience this amazing exhibition!!! I only hope one day I can be part of the Christian Dior exhibit, too. I love all this classy and elegant designs. All your pictures are absolutely magnificent and the review as well. Thank you for sharing, Samantha!


this is such a great post! i loved seeing all of these looks, so cool! thanks for sharing babe!

xo, Samira



I’m in love with this post . The Dior couture story is one of my preferences. I’m bought also the great book form Dior and love all the history of this . How changed the vision after the second war. This 50’s style for me is the most beautiest and love the femminility of this . The midiskirt , the little jackets wi th the shorter sleeves , the head accessories… the gloves … the pumps .
And more …. ❤️


This is so amazing! I love learning the history behind everything, including fashion. I wish I could visit the Dior gallery – it looks so amazing from your photos. I hope I can visit it during my Europe trip!


Oh, beautiful exhibition!!
I would love to visit there!



So fashionable, these are amazing pieces that I can honestly say I can wear. I’m in love with Christian Dior for sure.


O-m-g, all the outfits in the Dior Couturier exhibit looks so amazing! and It’s so cool to see how the styles and designs evolved over time. Some of the classic designs would still be so in nowadays! Lucky girl, get to check that out.

xx, Jessie


WOW its just a piece of artwork!!! I have always been a fan of Dior and their designs. I have to say every collection always stunned me. So cool you were able to see them live Im sure it was such a great experience!


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