A potpourri of photos from my trip to Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara.
Some of my relatives live in Osaka, so it was really nice to see them after so many years.
I was so excited to go sight-seeing in Kyoto and Nara, but unfortunately, it rained when I went to the Kinkakuji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion ) in Kyoto. Despite that, I was able to enjoy its beauty and splendor. In Nara, I absolutely could not miss seeing the Todaiji, or the Eastern Great Temple. The Great Buddha inside was so impressive, it’s kind of hard not to look up at it in awe. Also, being able to see the Nara deer up close was a plus. Aren’t they cute?
I took many of these pictures as I was walking so they may be blurry, but I hope you enjoy them 🙂 Until next time!

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Great pictures!! I love it!!


Of course, I follow you!


That look so much fun, i love Asian countries))
And you look very adorable, love your outfit!



Amazing pictures! i wanna go there someday too!


i really like your jeans 🙂 and this sounds like an amazing experience. Japan is high up on my list of places to go .


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