A cherry blossom heaven in Nara

Nara was our last stop for the Global Travel Blogger Summit, and I can’t think of a better way to conclude this amazing trip. Read on for more about our bicycle trip through Nara and the beautiful cherry blossoms! グローバルトラベルブロガーサミットのラストストップは奈良でした。12人の中のブロガーで残り3人になってしまいましたが、奈良でサミットを完結できて良かったです。奈良でのママチャリツアー、そして旬の桜の写真を是非ご覧になって下さい。 Our host, Hiro, is an expert when it comes to Nara, and he took Lena, … Continue Reading


  A potpourri of photos from my trip to Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Some of my relatives live in Osaka, so it was really nice to see them after so many years. I was so excited to go sight-seeing in Kyoto and Nara, but unfortunately, it rained when I went to the Kinkakuji (Temple of … Continue Reading