OUTFIT | Knit Dress + Vans

I always love a simple outfit, especially when it only consists of two items + accessories. I picked up this knit dress from Madewell last week. The day I took these near Sawtelle, it was warm enough to wear it by itself, but I’ve worn it with black skinnies on colder days (I’d rather not … Continue Reading

5 ways to wear Vans checkered slip-ons

Even though the classic Vans checkered slip-on sneakers have been around for a while, it wasn’t until this year that I decided to finally buy my own pair. I grew up in Surf City, California, so these babies weren’t unfamiliar to me at all – the minute I slipped them on my feet, I felt … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | pitch black in the sun

  You probably won’t believe me when I say it’s been raining all day today, because just a few days ago it was so sunny! I spent a quick afternoon in Okachimachi with Lisa the other day, a stop on the Yamanote line that I’ve actually never gotten off at before. It proved to be … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | California girl in Tokyo

I am seriously a hapa through and through. Maybe that doesn’t make sense, since the true meaning of “hapa” is “being partially of East Asian, South East Asian, or Pacific Islander descent.” Even though I’ve met different kinds of hapas, I still think half or part-Japanese mixes are the most common. So what I really … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Crazy for Navy

  September is here – already! Did you all enjoy your last month of summer? I feel like summer this year went by way too quickly… I mean, I did see fireworks, ate watermelon, wore my yukata, but I still haven’t stepped foot on the beach. How crazy is that?? I guess one can’t do … Continue Reading

summer shoes

My casual shoes of choice for the warm summer months – Vans checkered slip-ons, Madrid Eva Birkenstocks, and Aldo platform flats. What’s your shoe of choice this season?