Happy New Year 2022!

I know it’s a month late, but I really wanted to share this Japanese-style New Year’s postcard I made (yes, it is hand-written!).

2021 was an interesting year for me – it was a pretty rough start to be honest, but I was somehow able to turn things around by the end of the year. I made many new discoveries about myself, as well as some big life changes. One of those discoveries/changes was taking up a brand new hobby in the form of Japanese calligraphy.

“Why Japanese calligraphy?” you may ask.

My Japanese grandfather was a professional calligrapher, but unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Since then, I felt regret at not taking lessons from him, thinking “Oh, I’ll ask him when I have some time.” Last year, I needed a change of scenery, something to do that had nothing to do with work, and I luckily found a wonderful teacher and environment in which to practice Japanese calligraphy at my own pace. It’s been a year since I started, and I am so proud to have been able to create these New Year’s postcards – 50 handwritten postcards to send to family and close friends. It was tough, but after I felt such a huge sense of accomplishment after I was finished.

Even though it has only been one month since the New Year, I can feel myself already trying to keep myself moving to stay fulfilled and most of all, happy. Despite the difficult ongoing circumstances, I sincerely wish everyone an amazing New Year.






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