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For those of you who’ve been to Tokyo – have you ever visited teamLab Planets or Borderless? If you haven’t yet, maybe you’ve seen images on Instagram or blogs of the gorgeous digital art in many different forms. I visited DMM.PLANETS in Odaiba a couple of years ago (check my blog post here), but I decided to go again (now in Toyosu) since my friend works as design director for teamLab and agreed to show me around.

teamLab プラネッツ、もしくはボーダレスへ行ったことはありますか?訪れたことのない方は、きっとインスタグラムやブログなどで写真や動画を見たことがあるかもしれません。数年前に、お台場で開催されていたDMM.PLANETSへは行ったことがあるのですが、友達がteamLabのデザインディレクターとして務めているので、先日は彼と豊洲のプラネッツに行くことにしました。

teamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets Tokyo

What is teamLab?

teamLab combines science, technology, design, and art to produce brand new ideas and products to the world. Through creativity in technology, teamLab has become a game-changer for how we perceive ever-evolving technology. Planets in Toyosu is a digital art experience where guests can interact with the art. In each room, guests are meant to experience different textures, colors, details, sounds, and smells. I didn’t include photos from all of the rooms because some of them are more suited for experiencing rather than photographing. One of the rooms even has water that is knee-deep, where guests can wade through the beautiful digital art projected on the surface!


teamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets Tokyo

My experience & why you should visit teamLab Planets

While there is an abundance of art museums and galleries anywhere in the world, there is nothing quite like teamLab Planets. There is so much more to do than just looking at the various kinds of digital art because it is meant to be experienced with your other senses. As you can see through my photos, it’s a fantastic location for otherworldly photos. Celebrities like Ashley Benson and Halsey have also stopped by for amazing photos and videos. Also, Planets is the perfect place for a date, to hang out with friends or visit with family as it is very interactive and of course a unique way to spend an afternoon. Next time you’re looking for something to do or somewhere to go, maybe you should consider teamLab Planets as your next destination.

世界中に美術館やギャラリーはありますが、teamLabプラネッツみたいなところは多分そうそうないと思います。様々なスタイルのデジタルアートをただ見るだけではなく、他の視覚で楽しむことができることが魅力的です。写真を見たらわかると思いますが、他では撮れないような写真や動画を収めることができます。以前はAshley BensonやHalseyなども訪れています。そして、プラネッツはデートにぴったりな場所だし、友達や家族と遊びに行くのにも最適です。次どこかへ遊びに行こうと思う時、是非teamLabプラネッツへ行ってみたらどうでしょうか?

teamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets TokyoteamLab Planets Tokyo


All photos by Noboru Miyamoto

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You look so adorable in this dress and your hair style is making you look extra cool. I have gone through your other blogs pictures and I think your blog is worth sharing with my friends community. Keep on sharing and updating us with new fashion trends.


Beautiful. This looks an awesome exhibit unlike anything else I’ve seen. They are truly genius.


Ahhhh I’ve been dying to go here!! The only thing similar is the art science museum that I visited in Singapore. These photos are gorgeous!!


I love that you didn’t include photos of every room. It’s so true that some things are better experienced than photographed! And these photos are absolutely mesmerizing. I hope to experience teamLab Planets for myself some day!


Your photos are stunning! I haven´t been to Tokyo yet, but I´d love to visit teamLab Planets one day! I´ve seen photos from this place all across social media!

Have a nice weekend!


Omg Samantha wish to be there. Stunning interiors and beautiful lights. You shine like a diamond there.
Never visited Tokyo but I will keep in mind TeamLab Plannets.


OMG yes I have seen these place a lot on the gram and LOVE IT!! Wish we have something like that in my country. Japanese are so genius and creative.
BTW you look absolutely stunning babe!

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