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I think this is the first time I’ve ever done an album review, but there is no way I’m going to miss the opportunity to do one for one of my favorite artists Saucy Lady. Ever since a friend of mine showed me her “City Lights” video back in 2012, I’ve been a huge fan of her music and more recently, her DJ-ing. On April 16th, Saucy Lady released her second studio album “Supanova” under the Star Creature Universal label. And I am already obsessed. I mean, can we say “Yes, please!” to this album jacket??

アルバムの紹介やレビューを書いたのは多分初めてかもしれないけど、やっぱり最も尊敬するソーシーレディニューアルバムは絶対取り上げたいと思いました。2012年に彼女の「City Lights」をYouTubeで見た以来、彼女のサウンドにハマってしまい、最近はDJプレイやミックスも一押しです。4月16日、ソーシーレディはセカンドアルバム「Supanova」をStar Creature Universalレーベルよりリリースしました。もちろん、一曲目を聴いて「ヤバい!」と思ったし、このアルバムジャケットにも注目していただきたいです。

SUPANOVA by Saucy Lady Album Review

About the album

The much anticipated sophomore album “Supanova” (LP) blasts into orbit with Saucy Lady as a force to be reckoned with, gracing the cover as a space goddess of funk.

Sharing production efforts with her go-to multi-instrumentalist/producer Yuki “U-KEY” Kanesaka aka monolog, their tracks are layered with highly intricate vocal stacks over jazz funk, b-boy breaks, and cosmic synths.  “Supanova” features some of the top Boston-based horn players including Pharoah Sander’s son Tomoki Sanders on tenor sax, along with guitarist Jeffrey Lockhart from Prelude Record’s Hi Gloss, and drum grooves by funk duo Du Rite’s J-Zone.

This album is a full-sensory experience. Animator Steven E. Gordon, a contributor to X-Men Avengers comics and the 80s cult favorite Jem and the Holograms cartoons, creates the album artwork making the visuals as impressive as the musical content.  The LP gatefold includes comics, the inner sleeve features colorful Saucy Lady paper doll cut-outs, and the cover is topped with cherry-scented scratch ’n sniff sticker, bringing back 80s nostalgia.

If you dig Gene Harris, George Duke, Adriana Evans, or space alien invasions, you will surely be in bliss with this out-of-the-planet album. Guaranteed to be in heavy rotation.


宇宙ファンクの女神 ソーシーレディが放つ大爆発のセカンドアルバム “Supanova” スーパーノヴァ(LP version)は、ソーシーレディとmonolog として知られる マルチ奏者Yuki “U-KEY” Kanesaka による共同制作である。


クレジットされている音楽家たちの中には、ファラオサンダースの息子Tomoki Sandarsや、Prelude Records からの名盤 Hi-Gloss のギタリストとして知られるJeffery Lockhartを始めとする米ボストンで活躍する名演奏家達が参加。そして、ファンクデュオのDu Rite’sからグルーヴドラマーのJ-Zoneの参加も特筆すべき点である。

このプロジェクトの文化的な特徴を挙げるとすれば、アメコミの代名詞 X-Men を手がけたことで知られるアニメイターSteven E. Gordon作のカバーデザインと見開きに描かれた漫画。スリーブには80年代風の着せ替え紙人形、ジャケットにはチェリーの香りのシール付き。


もしGene Harris, George Duke, Adriana Evans 等のアーティストや、宇宙人の侵入に興味がおありならヘビロテ間違いなしのコスミックアルバム“Supanova” スーパーノヴァ。ぜひ皆さんにソーシーレディが放つ宇宙からのメッセージを聞き取って欲しい。

SUPANOVA by Saucy Lady Album Review

You can purchase the on 12″ LPs (available here), or via digital download which is available through this website. Happy listening!

12インチのLPはこちらでご購入いただけます。デジタルダウンロードはこちらのサイトをご利用ください。日本で購入されたい方は、Disk Union やJet Setにお立ち寄り・お問い合わせください。

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Wow, first of all I love the album artwork! It is incredible all the details and colors. I have never heard of this artist before but you have definitely peaked my curiosity now. Thank you for sharing your review and looking forward to listening to this album. xoxo, Christine


An album review? This is a first but I’m loving it! I don’t think people talk enough about music so I’ll definitely check her out!


I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this artist before! I’m completely blown away by the album artwork. I’m getting some serious intergalactic 80s vibes from this! I’ll have to check it out!


I love that cover art. How phenomenal. I’ve always been a major fan of cover art, I even used to download images to upload into my old school iPod’s because it never felt complete without it!. I’ll have to check her music out, thanks for the introduction.



I’m living for her disco funk vibe. Just heard some of her songs on Spotify and it takes me back to early MJ and The Jacksons days.
I also love how creative the album is. Not only visually, but paper cut-outs and a scratch ’n sniff cherry sticker?! I love it!
Thanks for introducing us to a great artist Samantha!



Wow incredible never heard before about this album and artist. You’re music experience is well and I’m trust in your musical advises. Thanks for the links



Love your are sharing this here babe! I actually never heard about her but it does sounds like a great artist and definitely have to check it out.
BTW still hoping to see you play one day!

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