This is probably one of the most interesting places I’ve done a photo shoot. We were able to use this little cafe in Shimo-kitazawa freely because of the photographer. And I loved the cute props he brought for the shoot – a portable record player, his vinyl collection, old magazines and photo books. It’s just too bad the roller skates were too small…but I definitely enjoyed this music-themed shoot. Next time I’m bringing my headphones.
(Outfit 1 top: Rimo; jeans: Le Ciel Bleu; bracelet: Giles and Brother; heels: Zara)
(Outfit 2 top: Kaitlyn; skirt: H&M; heels: Target)
photos by Masatoshi Ueno
Hair & makeup by Kenji Nojima

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These photos are amazing!!! You look absolutely stunning x


You look beautiful!! I honestly can't decide which outfit is my favorite. c:

xo, Janiecy


Amazing pics!!

Love that white top <333



I love these photos, they are quite different from what you often see, but that's what I like about it!


Absolutely adore the rustic feel this photoshoot gives. You look gorgeous!


Absolutely amazing!! love the top. 🙂 Following you back!

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