After graduating with my degree in piano performance, I find myself practicing less, but still making the best of my practice time. It really does feel different when you don’t have to practice for lessons, masterclasses, or recitals. But I’m starting to think that this might actually be good for me, to be able to work at my own pace and practice pieces that I wish to play. I decided to bring back a couple of Chopin etudes back into my repertoire, since I neglected them in order to pursue Scriabin etudes (I love playing these and still am). Can’t forget the Well-Tempered Klavier by Bach. I play other pieces here and there and still deciding on a sonata..
On a different note, I hope make it to Fuzjko Hemming’s piano recital in San Francisco on July 15th.
I’ve seen her in recital twice, and her interpretations and playing are both quite unique.
I really don’t want to miss it!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. xoxo

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