The Power of “NO”

Saying “no” can be one of the most difficult things to say to someone. It can change relationships, hurt people, and even cut ties with the other individual or party. I’ve had to do it countless times in both professional and private settings – saying no to people I considered my friends because they were … Continue Reading

On the go with Oribagu

Being a girl with multiple occupations, I’m constantly out and about, sometimes traveling to 3-4 locations in the city per day. As a model, I’ll have auditions and photo shoots to go to; as a blogger, I schedule my own photo shoots somewhere in the city with photographers or go to business meetings; and as … Continue Reading

Albage Lingerie, the first collection

Presenting Albage lingerie’s first collection. Albage is a high-quality Japanese lingerie brand, featuring intricate lace and 100% silk for an elegant look. The sizings of the bras and panties are especially made for Japanese women with less curves. I am small-chested but slightly curvy around the waist, and the entire collection fit me well as … Continue Reading

Tokyo Typo Store

Growing up, I attended Japanese school on Saturdays, pounding my head with countless Japanese “kanji” characters, practicing them over and over again until my hand felt close to paralyzed. But because I studied them for so many years, I can understand the meaning and origins of each. I recently modeled & styled T-shirts for a … Continue Reading

Denim Day 2016

Today is Denim Day in LA and the US. According to, it all started with a ruling by the Italian Supreme Court where the rape conviction was overturned, ruling that the rap victim was wearing tight jeans and must have helped her rapist remove the jeans, thereby consenting to the rape. The next day, … Continue Reading

BANSAN 2016 SS Lookbook

These photos for the BANSAN 2016 SS Lookbook were taken last year, but I wanted to wait ’til exhibition season to post some of the looks. The designer, Mayuko Ban, graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, and has started her line, BANSAN, which is characterized by her unique patterning, Japanese traditional silhouettes, and use … Continue Reading

Farfetch x The Black Market

Hints of spring are in the air – this past weekend, the weather decided to take a turn and jump up 10 degrees, only to fall right back down to the usual 10-degree weather. At least I’m updating my spring wardrobe to be ready for the glorious spring days ahead. This black collared chiffon dress … Continue Reading


  All photos by Ross McLean 

a new year, new beginnings. it’s 2016!

Here’s to a new year, new beginnings. Each year comes with ups and downs, happiness and sadness, success and failures. 2015 was another roller coaster ride for me, and I’m sure 2016 will be no different. I intend to accomplish at least some of my goals, if not all, find happiness in this world full … Continue Reading

Blue Books Cafe with 2FACE Photograph

A collection of contemplative photography, shot by talented twin photographers Masaru & Yutaka Akiyama, aka 2FACE Photography. Many thanks to Blue Books Cafe for allowing us to shoot in this beautiful space. photos: 2FACE Photograph venue: Blue Books Cafe model: Samantha Mariko