A Birthday Reflection

Birthdays come and go quickly, but resolutions can stick with you if you put your mind to it. As I get older, I realize more and more the importance of reflection and self-improvement to always be ready for that next step or phase in your life. While I do preach the “go with the flow” … Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Blog Photos in Shibuya

I always feel lucky to be living in a world-famous metropolitan city called Tokyo. And obviously, there are many perks that come with it, one of them being a blogger’s ideal photo shoot heaven. It is one of the most convenient cities to take those edgy street-style photos, no matter the genre. Out of all … Continue Reading

Red Hot

Red hot. Those were the first two words that came to mind when I was thinking of a title for this post. I’m the type of person that mainly sticks to blacks and grays in terms of clothing, but I do like the surprise factor of wearing a pop of color for those days I … Continue Reading

How I started modeling + some modeling tips

I did not expect myself to be a model, or at least make it modeling one of my occupations. But here I am in Tokyo, slowly but surely building my career hand-in-hand with my blogging. My first photo shoot was actually during my university days, probably about 7 or so years ago (I may have … Continue Reading

Vintage sweaters & Dr. Martens

The color red is slowly but surely creeping into my wardrobe. With the winter sales going on in almost every store imaginable, I decided to stop by a few of my favorites, and found this cozy-looking sweater at Opening Ceremony. A remake of a vintage sweater, I didn’t realize what the print said until after … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | A 2D affair with Jump from Paper

It’s been a while since I posted an outfit. With the humidity creeping in over here, I could live in shorts every single day. Shorts aside, I want to introduce the cutest brand ever, Jump from Paper. I seriously had to do a double take when I saw the bags on their website – everything … Continue Reading

OUTFIT | Short hair & statement earrings (plus a video!)

And the bob becomes shorter. I think this is the shortest I’ve ever had my hair, and I absolutely love it. Having the perfect cut can really add a sophisticated touch to an outfit. And with my shorter ‘do, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try some statement earrings. I fell in … Continue Reading

Morning sunlight in an urban playground

  When my photographer, Nahoko, brought me to this lifting outing in the somewhat discreet area of Nogizaka, my first thought was, “What the hell is this place?” A playground for adults, perhaps, I have no clue. This is definitely not a place for children (ha!). These wooden structures were so interesting, so modern, and … Continue Reading

Sakura blossoms in the rain

  Yesterday, I met up with my friend Lisa in Nakameguro to do a quick photo shoot with the pretty cherry blossoms near Meguro-bashi (Meguro Bridge). It was extremely windy that I thought our umbrellas were going to break! But the rain wasn’t that bad so we went on with the shoot and these are … Continue Reading