Samantha Mariko x Büddy Starr

My photo shoot with Büddy Starr is by far one of my favorites I’ve done so far. His style of photography and thy way he directed the shoot really brought the energy level up to create a variety of  poses and expressions. One minute I was doing the sultry look, the next I was jumping … Continue Reading

Reflecting back on 2016 and New Year’s resolutions

As I get older, each year seems to fly by before I know it. As scary as that sounds, I do try to make each day fulfilling and help me grow as a person. I enjoy writing up my “reflection” post at the end of each year because it’s the one time I can sit … Continue Reading

and here comes another year

Another year older, another year full of experiences, whether happy or painful, as long as it teaches me a lesson or two in life. The previous one was full of crazy stories, to say the least. All I know is, every time I welcome a new year, I’m thankful that I’m still alive and healthy … Continue Reading

in remembrance

It’s already been two years since my dad’s passing, and it really makes me realize how quickly time flies. But there’s almost never been a day where I do not think of him and miss his presence. This is probably the last photo I ever took with him at my college graduation, and I had … Continue Reading

self portrait

This past year, my blog has grown significantly in many ways and I’m thankful for all the people that made it possible, including my photographer, my friends, my readers and my sponsors, to name a few. But with my birthday and the responsibility I feel with the age I am now, I had to seriously … Continue Reading

My dear grandmother

I didn’t announce my week-long trip to California this time, because my beloved grandmother passed away suddenly and I needed to spend time with my family. I couldn’t believe my ears when my mom called me to tell me the devastating news. My dad had just passed away less than 2 years ago, and this … Continue Reading

#DearMe, a Youtube campaign for International Women’s Day

Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in the #DearMe campaign for International Women’s Day at Youtube Space Tokyo. So many women from around the world have posted videos on Youtube to inspire and empower younger girls. Some of them wrote letters to their younger selves, which was very touching. Here is my video … Continue Reading

reflecting on 2014

2014 is coming to an end, and all too quickly 2015 is right around the corner. I don’t think I’m ever fully prepared for the new year, but I’ve been thinking of what I have or haven’t accomplished this past year, my New Year’s resolutions, and how I can become a better, more mature person … Continue Reading

DIARY | In between

I’m always amazed at how other bloggers can maintain their blogs beautifully, keeping readers updated and posting new content consistently. Even after 3 years of blogging, I still find it hard to maintain a consistent flow on my blog – sometimes I’ll have enough material, sometimes I won’t. Or other times I have to prioritize … Continue Reading

DIARY | moving forward to year 3 in Japan

  The beginning of September marks the beginning of my 3rd year in Japan. Some of you may know that I moved to Japan from Southern California exactly 2 years ago to start a professional modeling career in Tokyo. And wow, has time flown by! There has, and will be many changes from here on … Continue Reading