Photo diary from my first test shoot in Japan! I had a great time working with Noli and Niki, my photographer and MUA. We made our way to Toyosu, a city located near the harbor. I’ve never posted before & after photos from my previous photo shoots, but I thought it would be fun to do that this time. Make-up does wonders, I tell you.
After the shoot, we took the train to the next station, Tsukishima, to feast on monjayaki (the Tokyo-version of okonomiyaki). Tsukishima is famous for monjayaki – you can tell because the whole street is blocked off and lined with monjayaki resaurants. It’s more liquid-based than okonomiyaki, but still delicious. And it turns out Niki & I have matching iPhone cases 🙂
The three of us are planning to do a studio shoot soon, which I am looking forward to. I love working with such talented and friendly people! Stay tuned for images from this shoot!

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this looks like fun and yummy! Great post and thanks for sharing hun! Come by soon xx


The food looks good! I've always wanted to try genuine okonomiyaki haha And You look great!


How awesome it would be to be a model in japan! So pretty!!


the makeup looks nice 🙂
i can only imagine the food is pretty awesome there?!



These photos are awesome would to draw one of them!

-Sandra Lucia


nice blog and your photos looks amazing!

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