Japan Restaurant Week at Oshima Ginza

As promised, my experience from Japan Restaurant Week 2016 with my girls! For my friend Yui and I, this is our third consecutive winter participating in Restaurant Week, and this time, our friend Remy was able to join us for a Japanese-style lunch course at Oshima in Ginza, Tokyo. 3000 yen (roughly $30 USD) per … Continue Reading

Blogger Meet-up with Yuka from Pretty In Leather

I actually haven’t met too many bloggers in LA or Tokyo yet (which is pretty sad…), but I was fortunate enough to meet Yuka from Pretty In Leather over some delicious Greek cuisine. She is such a sweet girl, probably what I imagined her to be even though I’ve only known her through her blog … Continue Reading

umami burger @ the camp

A few days ago, I took Amy to Umami Burger at The Camp in Costa Mesa. Two starving girls after a morning of shopping = eating our burgers to the very last bite. Umami never disappoints. My Skyed Apparel hat is the perfect accessory for a super casual outfit. Thanks always! 数日前、エイミーちゃんを旨味バーガーへ連れて行きました。ここのハンバーガーは半端ない。腹ぺこの私たちは最後まで食べちゃいました。。美味しすぎるから。エイミーといるといつも楽しい♪

Lunch at Lauderdale

More good food, more good company. Made my way to Lauderdale once more for an all girls lunch with my mom and my friend Amy. A little disappointing that they don’t serve their eggs benedict on weekdays, but we still enjoyed a delicious lunch over girls talk. I’m glad that my mom is able to … Continue Reading

casual day in ginza & tokyo station

  I spent the day with my mom at the newly reformed Tokyo Station, shopping around at Kitte, the department store right across and eating at a Kaiten sushi restaurant there. We then headed over to Ginza to do some more shopping and karaoke. Since I knew we would be walking the whole afternoon, I … Continue Reading

Lauderdale & Andy Warhol

My Sunday afternoon was spent in Roppongi Hills with my good friend Amy. We had a delicious brunch at Lauderdale (their eggs benedict and soufflé are to die for), and went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at Mori Art Museum. We were able to see over 700 pieces of art, including photographs, drawings, and the … Continue Reading

Burgers and breakfast for lunch

From a much-awaited lunch break with my friend Alisa. We ate outside of J.S. Burger in Shibuya, and enjoyed a veggie burger with avocado and a BLT breakfast plate. I love this place because it comes with unlimited soup and salad bar. Healthy and satisfying.

Celebratory birthday dinner at Kimukatsu

  Last night, I celebrated my good friend Yui’s birthday. At her request, we headed to Kimukatsu, a restaurant known for their mille-feauille- style tonkatsu. It was SO good – nice and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Afterwards we had dessert at Takano Fruit Parlor, where we had a mixed fruit waffle … Continue Reading

Q-pot cafe

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend in Harajuku. We had just met last month through a mutual friend when we were both visiting California, and we hit it off and decided to see each other when we returned to Japan. She introduced me to two different cafes yesterday, but Q-pot … Continue Reading

Perfect italian – japan restaurant week

This Saturday afternoon, my friend Yui and I dined at Kagurazaka Stagione, a fine Italian restaurant, for Japan Restaurant Week. This is our third year going out for Restaurant Week, so I think this will be a yearly tradition for us. Anyways, we enjoyed a delicious 5-course lunch – antipasto, pizza, pasta, fish and dessert … Continue Reading