Red Hot

Red hot. Those were the first two words that came to mind when I was thinking of a title for this post. I’m the type of person that mainly sticks to blacks and grays in terms of clothing, but I do like the surprise factor of wearing a pop of color for those days I … Continue Reading

A taste of tropical

I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I’ve had an unexpected case of writer’s block on top of an extremely hectic week this past week. With my mother visiting for only a week from California and my best friend from high school visiting Japan this month for the first time, I wanted to … Continue Reading

Crisp spring basics

Spring is here, and it’s my favorite season after summer (I’m a summer baby so it makes sense). When I think of spring fashion, I immediately steer towards brighter colors and airier silhouettes and materials. This is where an oversized, crisp white shirt from Allumer comes in perfectly for that chic boss babe look. If … Continue Reading

Visiting the zeroUV showroom in Huntington Beach

  Fellow blogger Francis Kenneth and I stopped by the ZeroUV showroom located in Huntington Beach, California. It was almost overwhelming to see all the different designs displayed in the room (and I mean it in a good way), and I picked out some new shades to take with me to Coachella this weekend. I … Continue Reading

Flat-front sunglasses for any face shape

Who knew the dimension of the frames made a difference when searching for the right pair of sunglasses? According to ZeroUV, flat-front sunglasses are good to go with almost any face shape, especially people with Asian features. Also, flat frames mean you don’t have to worry about your eyelashes touching the lenses (#girlproblems). Check out … Continue Reading

ZeroUV sunglasses for fall & winter

I can’t complete an outfit anymore without one of my ZeroUV sunglasses. I’m so excited to pair my new collection of sunnies with my winter outfits. ZeroUVのサングラスがないと、コーディネートが締まらない。新しいサングラスコレクションを冬のコーデに合わせるのが楽しみです♡

Blogger interview with zeroUV

How’s everyone’s week so far? I’ve been enjoying your comments on my latest posts – thank you! I’m happy to announce that my interview for zeroUV sunglasses is now up on their website under their “Blog Diaries” section. You can read the interview at “Blog Diaries: Samantha Mariko.” ZeroUV has the best selection of sunglasses … Continue Reading

zeroUV sunglasses

Let’s just say my sunglasses collection for the summer is pretty much complete thanks to zeroUV. I can’t wait to wear these in my upcoming outfit posts! They’re also hosting a Coachella giveaway, so be sure to check that out here! zeroUVから頂いたサングラスたちで夏も準備万端!夏が待ち遠しいです♪  

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Gradient sunglasses

I finally got a 4-day weekend for Obon (Japanese summer holiday), so I was happy to have more time to finish up other work (sort of haha.. ) and some time to myself. I met up with Lisa again this weekend for a quick outfit shoot and a meeting for an upcoming photo shoot project. … Continue Reading

Letters Impromptu x Alma Chains

This week, featuring the Derek chain from Alma Chains. Who ever said glasses chains were only for reading glasses? The amazing Alma Chains has got every kind of chain to dress up your sunglasses, glasses, any kind of eyewear you can imagine. Alma is an Australian company founded by two ladies, Anji and Darcie. I love … Continue Reading