Being half-Japanese has been, and still is, an interesting experience for me. Even now, I don’t know if I’m more Japanese or American –  I feel split right down the middle. I’ve been born and raised in California all my life, but I’ve also been exposed to Japanese culture and visited Japan countless times since I was a little girl. And here I am in Tokyo now pursuing my dreams to become a model.
I’m thankful to be a hapa – I’m bilingual, familiar with both cultures, and I’ve been truly blessed with the physical traits that my parents have given me. Best of both worlds, you may say. But growing up, I’ve more than often felt confused, not knowing who or what I really was, or where I belonged. I would ask myself, “Am I Japanese, or am I American? What am I?”
After graduating from college and moving to Tokyo, I’m finally comfortable with who I am and I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I will always be Japanese and American. One of the reasons I can say this and one of the reasons I decided I wanted to model in Japan is because of these hapa ladies I look up to. Knowing that there are so many successful half-Japanese women in Japan is a huge inspiration for me.
Let me introduce:
Kiko Mizuhara (水原希子)
Gorgeous hapa model/ actress, born in Texas & raised in Japan. I love seeing her in all of my favorite Japanese fashion magazines.
Sara Mary(沙羅マリー)
Another hapa model that I look up to. Beautiful as well but has an edge to her look that I appreciate. Huge fashion inspiration as well!
 Angela Aki (アンジェラ・アキ)
Singer/Songwriter/pianist. One of the most inspiring J-pop artists that I know. I’m always in awe of her powerful and heartfelt performances, and her music has a rawness that people can relate to. I really look up to her as a musician – so much talent.
 Rumi Neely (ルミ・ニーリ)

If you’re familiar with the blogging world, you probably already know who she is. A fashion blogger & model based in L.A.- I sometimes spot her in the pages of Glamorous magazine, and she was also the image model for LUMINE. I was actually in the same vicinity as her once at the Theyskens x Theory fall collection preview party in L.A. but I didn’t have the guts to talk to her at the time… Next time I will.
Saucy Lady
Nothing hotter than a female DJ, and a hapa one, too. My friend introduced me to one of her songs and I fell in love. Originally from Yokohama, Japan, she grew up with a bi-cultural background, with a Japanese mother and a Boston-native father. She was also musically trained with an interest in piano. So many similarities here, which is why she is a great inspiration to me.
Becky (ベッキー)
Actress, TV personality, singer, model, impersonator… the list goes on. She has the personality and charm that can brighten your day. I love how Japanese she is despite her very exotic look. You have to check out her impersonations – they make me laugh every time.
There are many more hapa ladies that inspire me everyday & they all make me feel so proud to be half- Japanese. Who’s your inspiration?

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wow like your blog!
want to follow each other?


awww this post is very inspiring! thank you for sharing 🙂


love these inspirations, and I totally follow fashion toast too!


This is so cool ! So inspiring ! I wish I could be more like you ! I think first of all I need to learn nihongo ! 🙂

You really should do more post like this ! I would certainly love it !



How great you have so many half Japanese role models. There aren't as many half Korean ones but I never let that bother me. But I do feel exactly half but I find most people don't really relate to that! Fun blog by the way

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