As mentioned in my last post, here is an overview of my makeup routine. I know my cosmetics brands are all over the place, but they all work together to create my look.
Clockwise from the top left:
 Canmake eyebrow shadow
Canmake highlighter
Sephora blush in orange punchy sunbaked
K-Palette 0 teka powder (for oil control)
Nivea Face Moist Essence Cream SPF 50+
Se medicated concealer
Laura Mercier mineral foundation primer
Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes eyeshadow palette
Powder FX powder foundation
KATE Super Sharp Liner (liquid)
Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express mascara (waterproof)
Canmake Colouring Eyebrow (eyebrow mascara)
I think my advice when doing makeup is 1) always wear SPF moisturizer and 2) simple is better. I only use a thin layer of concealer and foundation, just enough to cover any redness or blemishes. And I never go overboard with the liquid eyeliner because that can be too harsh. The finished product is what you see in the photos from my previous post. I love being able to use both Japanese and American makeup products – it’s fun to combine and experiment with the products. 🙂 Hope this helps!

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i stay in india, its so hot here that i can never afford to put layers of concealers n foundation on my face.. after an hr or so everythin starts melting .. thats Y i always follow routine like u .. absolute thin layer of concealer to cover spots n powder ..thts it


Sure we can follow each other;)
Following you now!

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