I just came back from Fashion’s Night Out 2012 Japan in Omotesando, and it was amazing! So many fashionable ladies & gentlemen on the streets -there was so much to take in. I met up with some of the girls from my agency at the Festaria in Omotesando Hills. Melody Yoko (also from the agency) is the image model for Festaria, so it was great that we could support her tonight & look at all the beautiful jewelry. Plus, we all had our palms read (Marie getting hers done 3 photos up) and we each took home a piece of jewelry. Thank you Festaria! ありがとう!
Next up is a makeup post from tonight, so stay tuned! Have a good weekend everyone!

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It must be a great experience!


You're so lucky to have been able to go! Looks like so much fun 🙂


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