Hello everyone!
I’m excited to announce that I will be making my first TV appearance tonight on NHK World’s “Tokyo Eye!” The first showing will be at 5:30pm, and it will be aired a couple times after that. Akane Nakajima and I will be introducing Akiruno and Tokyo Summerland in Tokyo, Japan.
You can watch the show online here and check the schedule here for additional airings (Tokyo Eye is towards the bottom of the page).
You’ll be able to view different parts of Tokyo, spots that are quite different from the city, and I promise it’ll be worth your 30 minutes 🙂 Thank you!!

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I watched Tokyo Eye a while ago.
Episode was great!

I've already watched it 2x today and I'm counting the minutes until it's broadcasted again. Akiruno is soooo amazing! I wonder how it looks during autumn, or winter. I'm sure you had a great time there! There many places like this in Greece too, but unfortunately, none of them has indoor swimming pools and 250 year-old restaurants!

P.S. Both you and Akane are so cute (Kawaii, right?) 🙂 Keep up the good work and I hope we'll see you again soon! 😀


Woa! That(s so excting. I'd pee my pants if I were you, haha! I'm always very, very nervous if I have to speak in class, let alone on TV! Hope you do great and you are blessed to have! Succes 😉 x




The Akiruno episode is showing again on NHK World today 082912 @0130, 0530, 0930 & 1330 PST!

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