I’m so happy to be back in SF, especially since I happened to arrive during Pride where festivities were in full swing. There was so much to do and see near City Hall: food stands, free concerts, street vendors, and artwork like the huge inflated lotus flower above. I also got my first ever henna tattoo 🙂
Later, Gabe and I drove up to Twin Peaks to view the SF night life that I love so much. We didn’t expect to be able to see the Pink Triangle (apparently, it is a memorial of homosexual oppression created annually on Twin Peaks). My digital camera doesn’t do it justice, but the view was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.
I will be posting more photos soon, so until then… <3

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Great photos! 🙂 I live about 2 minutes from Twin Peaks, it was a great sight 🙂 Love your henna tattoo!


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