I am so happy to be in San Francisco again!
It’s a lot sunnier than it was in the summer- a pleasant surprise.
A few things I did today:
(Knit shirt: Nordstrom; scarf: Rimo; purse: Gap)
My first time going to Haight Street!
 So many vintage stores and boutiques that I couldn’t even get to them all.
But this store has got to be the creepiest store I’ve ever been to.
Antique baby coffins, old photographs, dentures(?!), taxidermy chicken dressed up in a suit, and an abundance of skulls.  It was definitely interesting, almost like a museum.
On a brighter note, I stopped by an adorable-looking hot cocoa bar called Coco Luxe.
Their Black & White hot cocoa was delicious! I finished it in less than 5 minutes.
I’m looking forward to more shopping and good food tomorrow!
I’m always discovering new things when I go to SF. The fun never stops 🙂

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I love that sweater you're wearing and how you paired it with the green scarf! The bag is too cute. That Loved to Death store does sound really creepy.. but interesting!! The chicken dressed in a suit is so random haha!


how fun you got to visit SF! i was there during early september, and it was FREEZING! so glad it was sunny for you!!! you look cute in the pictures!



I love the photos !!!nice blog:)

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