LINE Collection showroom

Do ya’ll know about the texting app, LINE? If you don’t it’s a very popular app in Korea and Japan, and even some of my friends in the states use it to keep in touch with friends in Asia. It’s easy to use and I love the variety of character “stamps” you can send to … Continue Reading

Metrocity 2015 AW showroom

Last week, I was invited to the Metrocity 2015 AW showroom to check out their latest collection of bags and accessories. Metrocity first launched in Firenze, Italy, and has since then made its way to Korea, and now Japan. All of their products are of very high quality, textures and designs. Metrocity told me they … Continue Reading

FOSSIL Fall 2015 Preview Collection

I had the pleasure of visiting the FOSSIL Fall 2015 preview collection in Shinjuku. The first watch I ever wore was from FOSSIL, back in 8th grade, and I consistently wore it everyday all the way through high school. I’m a huge fan of this brand because of the quality and designs, as you can … Continue Reading

blondy & BLONDY ReLISH 2015 AW showroom

A few days ago, I stopped by the blondy & BLONDY ReLISH joint showroom for their 2015 Autumn / Winter collection. Blondy asked me to model this collection as well, and it was such a great pleasure working with them again. The photos from the lookbook should be on the website in a couple of … Continue Reading

Comptoir des Cotonniers 2015 A/W showroom

This afternoon, I stopped by the Comptoir des Cotonniers 2015 A/W showroom. My blogger friend Natalia of Tokyoholic first introduced me to the brand, and it has then become one of my favorite brands. Their Autumn/ Winter collection had both feminine and edgier pieces, all of which were super chic. My favorite item was the … Continue Reading

Metrocity Pop-up in Shinjuku

Last weekend, I stopped by the Metrocity pop-up shop in the Shinjuku Odakyu department store. This brand first launched in Italy in 1992, and has since then launched in other countries, and now is making its way to Japan. This was my first time getting a glimpse into the brand, I was very impressed. All … Continue Reading

Comptoir des Cotonniers Spring/Summer 2015 Collection with Adrian Hogan

On Saturday, my friend Natalia of Tokyoholic invited me to the spring collection viewing event for Comptoir des Cotonniers. Comptoir is a French clothing brand known for their casual chic items suited for daily wear. This is one of Natalia’s favorite brands, and she looked so cute in their spring collection. I personally loved the … Continue Reading

Blondy & BLONDY ReLISH 2015 SS Showroom Pt. 2

I just finished another photo shoot for Blondy‘s 2015 Summer Collection last week, and this week they are exhibiting the collection in Shibuya. It’s still a surreal experience to see my photos displayed on the walls of their showroom, and for all the kind words I’ve received from the designer, the press staff and the … Continue Reading

Joyrich 2015 AW Showroom

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Joyrich 2015 AW Showroom in Harajuku with my friend Rinrindoll. I remember shopping at the Joyrich store on Melrose when I was in university, and also the Shinjuku store in Lumine est. I don’t usually wear hip-hop inspired items, but Joyrich is an exception! I especially adore … Continue Reading

Kate Spade Saturday 2015 SS Collection Showroom

Before the blondy & BLONDY ReLISH showrooms on Thursday, my friend Amy and I stopped by the Kate Spade Saturday 2015 SS Collection showroom in Omotesando. As always with Saturday, their collections are bright and colorful, and just so fun to look at! I especially loved their huge collection of bags, and their collaboration sneakers … Continue Reading