Ted Baker 2018 Spring Summer Collection

January & February are showroom months, and I recently had the pleasure of attending the Ted Baker 2018 Spring Summer Collection. Read on for more about the men’s and women’s collections presented in the Chapel Room of the Trunk Hotel. 1月と2月は展示会が多めの中、先日Ted Bakerさんの展示会にお邪魔してきました。2018年の春夏コレクションは冬の寒さも忘れさせてくれるような華やかな色合いやデザインが勢揃い!詳しくは更にご覧になって下さい。 About Ted Baker Ted Baker London started as a shirt specialty shop in … Continue Reading

BERSHKA 2016 AW collection showroom

It’s as if Bershka knows exactly what I like. I literally wanted every single item displayed at their 2016 AW collection showroom. Are you as exited as I am for all this goodness to hit stores? Also sported the bodysuit I got from their last collection – my favorite! ベルシュカって、私の好んでるワードローブを知っているかの様で、本当にびっくりしました。だって、全てのアイテムを着たいって思うの、なかなかないですよ!秋冬コレクションをお店で買えるのが楽しみなのは、私だけじゃないと思う。前回のコレクションで見つけたボディスーツ着て行きました!お気に入り♡

Calvin Klein A/W 2016 Collection

Chic, monotone floral print, simple silhouettes. The Calvin Klein Platinum collection was everything I’ve dreamed of. I love #mycalvins ♡ シックでモノトーンなフロラルプリントとシンプルなシルエット。カルバン・クラインのプラチナコレクションが私の想像を超えたものでした。#マイカルバンズ 大好き♡  

Comptoir des Cotonniers 2016/17 AW Exhibition

“Belle de jour et de nuit” – the concept of the Comptoir des Cotonniers 2016/17 AW collection is “spending a day as beautiful as the night sky.” What a beautiful thing to say, the beauty of it is reflected in their upcoming collection. With boho-chic and preppy styles for daytime, transitioning to elegant and sensual … Continue Reading

RIM.ARK 2016 AW Exhibition

May is exhibition season, and the other day I checked out RIM.ARK‘s 2016 Autumn & Winter collection themed “Gentlewomen.” They had a very strong outerwear selection, all made to wear daily with a loose, relaxed fit. I especially loved the leather jacket – unlike most leather biker jackets, this one is particularly loose in the … Continue Reading

Visiting the zeroUV showroom in Huntington Beach

  Fellow blogger Francis Kenneth and I stopped by the ZeroUV showroom located in Huntington Beach, California. It was almost overwhelming to see all the different designs displayed in the room (and I mean it in a good way), and I picked out some new shades to take with me to Coachella this weekend. I … Continue Reading

Metrocity 2016 SS Exhibition

The same day I visited the Bershka Exhibition (previous post), I also stopped by Metrocity‘s Spring/Summer 2016 exhibition. Their large selection of luxury bags are always perfect, and they even started a bridal line. including shoes and jewelry. And I’m in love with the tasseled ankle boots (but it’s too bad they don’t have my … Continue Reading

EGOIST Spring/Summer 2016 Exhibition

I visited a couple exhibitions for the upcoming Spring/Summer collections this week, but I don’t think I’ll be able to post about them all. EGOIST is a popular Japanese women’s fashion brand, but it was my first time checking out their collection. Denim, pastel colors, and silks were among some of my favorites here. Since … Continue Reading

Ted Baker 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Imagine yourself at the 6-star Ted Towers, a luxurious resort hotel on a beautiful island, wearing a fancy summer suit or an airy floral dress, cooling down with colorful pastel ice creams. Exactly the theme for Ted Baker London‘s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, a beautiful array of dresses with flowing, flared skirts, vivid floral designs, and … Continue Reading

FAKUI exhibition

One can never have too many pairs of socks. Especially cute ones like these from FAKUI. A brand new socks / stockings brand, FAKUI provides a wide variety of styles that can be worn with sneakers, flat shoes, heels and sandals. The socks with furs are detachable, which makes washing them so much easier. Fun … Continue Reading