Hints of Spring – Be Bold

Spring is finally here, and a new season marks the beginning of changes to come for many. In Japan,  cherry blossom season is when the school year ends and the new one begins, signifying change and growth. Maybe it is as simple as the warm weather and the beautiful cherry blossoms that are finally giving … Continue Reading

A taste of tropical

I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I’ve had an unexpected case of writer’s block on top of an extremely hectic week this past week. With my mother visiting for only a week from California and my best friend from high school visiting Japan this month for the first time, I wanted to … Continue Reading

‘Cause it’s a thriller night

  These Michael Jackson “Thriller”-inspired photos would have made a perfect Halloween blog post, don’t you think? Photographer DRK Tokyo is master at taking nighttime photos in his lair called Daikanyama. We snapped so many awesome photos in a matter of 15 minutes, all in one secluded area that he describes as “old Daikanyama,” a part … Continue Reading

Flared all over

The transition between August and September, from summer to fall, is probably one of my favorites of the year. Adding touches of fall to my outfits is also something I look forward to. While I would never wear fitted pants during the sweltering heat of summer, now I can opt for denim and still feel … Continue Reading

Drive de Cartier meets Beams collaboration event

Cartier has announced it’s latest collaboration with Beams Japan, a popular retail store for both mens and women’s fashion. Held at Tsutaya bookstore in Daikanyama, my girlfriend Amy and I checked out the menswear outfits on display with the beautiful Cartier watches. The president of Cartier also gave a speech presenting the collaboration. Many of … Continue Reading

Still a California girl

  I spent a relaxing Friday at Daikanyama with my photographer friend, who took these photos for me. Having a nice lunch at Urth Caffe and carrying around my favorite Dezso clutch doesn’t really make me miss California all that much. Have a great weekend everyone!  (Shirt:old from Urban Outfitters; shorts: uniqlo; clutch: Dezso; sandals: … Continue Reading

Maison de Reefur x Rosalie

  I’ve never heard of Maison de Reefur until my cousin told me about it – it’s a clothing & interior decoration boutique owned by Japanese model Rinka. Since I’ve seen her in quite a few magazines and I love her style, I knew I had to check this place out. Excuse the poor quality … Continue Reading