A cherry blossom heaven in Nara

Nara was our last stop for the Global Travel Blogger Summit, and I can’t think of a better way to conclude this amazing trip. Read on for more about our bicycle trip through Nara and the beautiful cherry blossoms! グローバルトラベルブロガーサミットのラストストップは奈良でした。12人の中のブロガーで残り3人になってしまいましたが、奈良でサミットを完結できて良かったです。奈良でのママチャリツアー、そして旬の桜の写真を是非ご覧になって下さい。 Our host, Hiro, is an expert when it comes to Nara, and he took Lena, … Continue Reading

Getting to know Hiroshima – Kosanji Temple and the Hill of Hope

Hiroshima was our next destination for the Global Travel Blogger Summit, and I’ll be writing two separate posts about it as I did the most sight-seeing in this prefecture. Scroll down below for more photos and information on these tourist destinations. 日本初のグローバルトラベルブロガーサミットの次のストップは広島でした。広島で一番観光地を廻ったので、二つの記事に分けてまとめます。今回は、耕三寺と未来心の丘を紹介します。 KOSANJI TEMPLE Kosanji Temple is located on Ikujishima Island along the Shimanami Bridge … Continue Reading

Sakura season in Tokyo

Enjoyed the beginning of cherry blossom season in Tokyo, and now I’m off to enjoy clear blue skies and palm trees. <3 I’ll be posting from California next!

First signs of spring (featuring Tobi & Klasse14)

What better way to spend the warmer spring days than amongst the first of the cherry blossoms! It was a beautiful day in Ueno Park, perfect to pull out my nylon Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack and  my new custom-made Nike Huaraches. I thought this simple yet sophisticated dress from Tobi would pull all my … Continue Reading

Cherry blossoms through my iPhone

Spring is so beautiful in Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I didn’t have my camera on me when I was in the Roppongi Midtown area, so I snapped a few photos on my iPhone. The blossoms there were a whitish pink, almost like snow. Pure bliss. 六本木ミッドタウンの桜が満開!カメラを持ち歩いてなかったので、iPhoneでパシャリ。日本の春はやっぱりいいな。

OUTFIT | Cherry blossom viewing in trench coats & denim

The long-awaited cherry blossom season has finally arrived, and it’s looking a lot more like spring in Tokyo. Lisa from Paint with Stars and I have been shooting during cherry blossom season (check out our post from last year), and this year turned out to be even better weather-wise. Ueno park was lively with tourists and … Continue Reading

Sakura blossoms in the rain

  Yesterday, I met up with my friend Lisa in Nakameguro to do a quick photo shoot with the pretty cherry blossoms near Meguro-bashi (Meguro Bridge). It was extremely windy that I thought our umbrellas were going to break! But the rain wasn’t that bad so we went on with the shoot and these are … Continue Reading


I know it’s cherry blossom overload on my blog right now, but… I can’t help it!  It’s my first time experiencing sakura season in Japan 🙂 I finally made my way to Meguro Bridge in Nakameguro, a well-known spot to view the beautiful cherry blossoms. I was quite amazed at the  beauty before me – … Continue Reading


View through my lenses right near my work 🙂 Happy spring!