On body image & accepting yourself

Body image. Where do I even begin? As one who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 5 years now, it’s a constantly gnawing topic that seems to linger no matter how many times I try to brush it off my mind. It’s a controversial topic that frequently headlines all types of news … Continue Reading

Chill Out It’s Summer Mix

Even though it’s already mid-August and fall is fast approaching, I still want to stay in summer mode as long as possible. Ever since the beginning of the summer, creating a DJ mix has always been on the back of my mind since I knew many of my online friends and readers have never seen … Continue Reading

How to stay motivated even if you’re in summer mode

It’s summer, and even though you know you need to finish a project here or run an errand there, it can be pretty hard to stay motivated when you’re so tempted to grab your favorite bathing suit and run off to the beach . Trust me, I’ve been there, too, and here are some tips … Continue Reading

Summer trend: halter swimwear

One of my favorite swimwear trends this summer is the halter bikini top. Here’s a quick guide on some halter swimwear styles from Shopbop: 1. She Made Me crochet halter top // 2. She Made Me Malikah halter bikini top // 3. PilyQ Poppy halter top // 4. She Made Me Savarna crochet halter bikini top 1. Luli … Continue Reading