3 Reasons Why Change Can Be Good For You

In just the last two months, so much has changed for me. I chopped off my hair, I changed jobs, I had the honor of guest speaking at Portland State University, etc. etc. If there is one thing I can say about all this is that all of these recent events have changed my perspective … Continue Reading

A taste of tropical

I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I’ve had an unexpected case of writer’s block on top of an extremely hectic week this past week. With my mother visiting for only a week from California and my best friend from high school visiting Japan this month for the first time, I wanted to … Continue Reading

Chiffon, lace and bows

Today’s my first full day off since my birthday, and it feels so good to finally spend my morning like it’s Sunday. Doing a lot of odd jobs these days, including modeling, blogging, narrating, sometimes singing, sometimes translating, sometimes teaching… it means my schedule changes weekly and I’ll sometimes work weekends and get random days … Continue Reading

Black cat

The feline in me coming out – furry sweater, cat eye frames, and my new favorite choker from my favorite brand Are You Am I. sweater: Alice & Olivia; pants: Madewell;┬ásunglasses: ZeroUV; choker: Are You Am I boots: Aldo; bag: Epoi All photos by 36 Neex