Rings & Tings

Some new accessories from Rings & Tings. Seriously in love with the minimal feel with some edge. (clockwise from left) Hollow pattern triangle necklace, pyramid rings, Aztec spike gold bangle, rectangle bracelet and “V” ring

Currently in my bag

  In Tokyo, my main source of transportation is the train, and the rest of the time I’m walking to get from place to place; therefore, I’m always trying to keep my luggage as lightweight as possible. Anyways, here are the daily essentials I carry around with me: Wallet (Agnes b.); iPhone 5S (case from … Continue Reading

my BABY-G’s

Whenever I need a sturdy & casual watch for every day use, I always turn to my trusty BABY-G‘s. Available in every color and style imaginable. Perfect for the fashionable wanderlust.  

Happiness Boutique

  My beautiful, glamorous earrings from Happiness Boutique. These will instantly glam up a simple outfit for the upcoming fall/winter season. <3 Happiness Boutique のグラマラスなイアリング達。どんなシンプルなコーデでも、オシャレ度がぐーんと上がる気がする。秋冬が楽しみ♡

Beach Closet

Misanga bracelets are very popular in Japan during the summer season, and I was lucky enough to receive this handmade set of 3 from Beach Closet. This is a new brand my friend recently started up, and her bracelets are all handmade with care. I love the chic navy against the pop of orange and … Continue Reading


This smiley bag is one of the many amazing gifts I received for my birthday. My agency is so awesome and so thoughtful. Smiles to brighten my day 🙂 Thank you so much! このスマイリーかごバッグは、誕生日プレゼントとして事務所から頂きました。ハッピーになれるバッグ、ありがとうございます!  


When it’s raining this consistently, I can’t help but want to curl up and spend the day inside. But there’s always so much to do, so much to get done. I’ll be shooting with Paint with Stars this afternoon (wish us luck it won’t rain too much!), and then prep for a demo recording tomorrow. … Continue Reading

zeroUV sunglasses

Let’s just say my sunglasses collection for the summer is pretty much complete thanks to zeroUV. I can’t wait to wear these in my upcoming outfit posts! They’re also hosting a Coachella giveaway, so be sure to check that out here! zeroUVから頂いたサングラスたちで夏も準備万端!夏が待ち遠しいです♪  

black & gold details

Black & gold is my favorite combination, whether they be the colors of my accessories or the items I keep on my bedside table. MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Amy’ leather strap watch Gucci Guilty Intense VOLUSPA Makassar Ebony & Peach candle Good After Nine Gold Triangle Pyramid ring Round-eye sunglasses (similar here) Do you have … Continue Reading

FEATURE | Good After Nine x Letters Impromptu

Let me introduce to you one of the coolest accessories brands out there, GOOD AFTER NINE. GOOD AFTER NINE is a unique accessories brand from Bangkok, Thailand. The concept of the brand – producing quality, everyday jewelry thats good to wear from 9 AM, and even after 9 PM when “the fun usually starts.” One … Continue Reading