Top 3 date spots in Tokyo for the holidays

My latest article for Cosmopolitan Japan is all about holiday illuminations for the perfect date in Tokyo. Camera in hand, I visited the prettiest spots for Christmas light viewing. Some areas are easily accessible as they are in the middle of the city, while others require a train and bus ride to reach. Let me … Continue Reading

and here comes another year

Another year older, another year full of experiences, whether happy or painful, as long as it teaches me a lesson or two in life. The previous one was full of crazy stories, to say the least. All I know is, every time I welcome a new year, I’m thankful that I’m still alive and healthy … Continue Reading

Visiting the Takasaki Kannon, the Deity of Mercy

Hey lovelies! I’ve been a bit MIA for the past week due to some blogging troubles, so many apologies  for not responding to any comments and such. I’ll probably talk about that in a separate post later. I did, however, have a 3-day weekend after the “spring break” in Japan (aka Golden Week), and paid … Continue Reading

Sakura season in Tokyo

Enjoyed the beginning of cherry blossom season in Tokyo, and now I’m off to enjoy clear blue skies and palm trees. <3 I’ll be posting from California next!

Shinjuku lights

An evening stroll near Shinjuku station. These festive holiday lights remind me of the times my family and I used to walk around then neighborhood to see all the pretty Christmas decorations. 新宿駅近辺のイルミネーション。こういうクリスマスライトを見てると、子供の頃家族と近所のクリスマスライト&デコレーションを見に回ってた時を思い出す

Sugamo, a different side of Tokyo

In my previous post, I mentioned that Sugamo is a little part of Tokyo that is unlike the heavily populated areas like Shibuya or Shinjuku. The “Shoutengai” districts with rows of mom and pop shops seem to be slowly disappearing, as larger supermarkets and department stores take their places. One of my favorite things about … Continue Reading

Lunch at Kitte, Tokyo Station

This past weekend, I met with my mom, her cousin and daughter for lunch at Kitte Marunouchi, which is right next to Tokyo station. It’s a post office turned department store, with lots of shopping and dining that you can only do in Japan. We lunched at a shabu shabu / tonkatsu restaurant called Hirata … Continue Reading

Cherry blossoms through my iPhone

Spring is so beautiful in Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I didn’t have my camera on me when I was in the Roppongi Midtown area, so I snapped a few photos on my iPhone. The blossoms there were a whitish pink, almost like snow. Pure bliss. 六本木ミッドタウンの桜が満開!カメラを持ち歩いてなかったので、iPhoneでパシャリ。日本の春はやっぱりいいな。

the city that never sleeps

These were one of the first set of photos I took with my new Canon G7X, before I left for my vacation to California a month ago. A month ago… time really does go by quickly. Before you know it, it’s going to be summer again. Can’t wait to explore the city again with new … Continue Reading

Okinawa photo diary

It’s only been two days but I already miss the beauty that is Okinawa. The southernmost islands of Japan, it is truly a paradise surrounded by a vast and beautiful ocean. I had the opportunity to visit Okinawa for the first time for a work trip to help sell yoga wear at the Satsang Yoga … Continue Reading